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LAU orientation

Actively engaged and very eager to know about majors, admission, scholarships…
Our Grade 12 attending an LAU, very rewarding and informative university orientation.
Glad to have you on Campus @LebAmUniv. Thank you for all the support!


وصلت حصتنا الثالثة الى خواتيمها التي اثمرت نتائج رائعة،فالحماس لا يزال يملأ قلوب مندوبينا, العزم و التفاعل واضح عند لجنة الحكم و باقي اللجان. اننا نحن كفريق عمل و مندوبين لمتحمسون بانتظار الحصة التدريبية القادمة.

Congratulations to our student Sara El Hajj

Congratulations to our student Sara El Hajj -for ranking number 8 in South Lebanon, Lebanese baccalaureate SE track. We will take this opportunity to acknowledge your incredibly amazing achievements and applaud your excellence. Your diligent work you have put in has finally paid off. Proud of your top performance and best of luck for your […]