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تأمّل ومسؤوليّة… فاستمراريّة

تحلّى متعلّمو الصّفّ الثّاني الأساسي بالحماس والفضول خلال العمل على محور “نتشارك الكوكب”، إذ استكشفوا الموارد الطبيعيّة الموجودة من حولهم؛ فأدركوا أهمّيتها وضرورة استمراريّتها، للتّمكّن من العيش، إذ صارت مشكلة هدر الموارد الطبيعيّة تؤرق العالم بأسره، وذلك لما لها من تداعيات وآثار خطيرة على المدى القريب والبعيد. فشاهد المتعلمون مستندات بصريّة، وقرأوا نصوصًا وقصصًا متنوعة>>>>

العودة إلى المدرسة

في هذا العصر، عصر الانفتاح ، العصر المثقل بالمتناقضات الّتي تعانيها البشريّة، صار من الملحّ ربط التعلّم بالحياة؛ أي التعلّم للحياة، لأنّ غاية التّربيّة الأساسيّة مساعدة المتعلّمين على صقل مهاراتهم ونمو شخصيّتهم للاندماج في محيطهم ومجتمعهم. فعلى المتعلّمين أن يعملوا بكلّ ما أوتوا من قوّة وثبات على بناء مجتمع يسود فيه السّلام، من خلال امتلاك تلك المهارات، كي يكونوا قادرين على إدارة شؤونهم الذّاتيّة بمسؤوليّة ووعي، والتّكيّف مع الظّروف والمتغيّرات كافة. وقد قدّم عام 2020 درسًا مهمًّا في تعلّم كيفيّة التّعامل مع التغّيير، فالتّغيير جزء طبيعي من الحياة، ويجب أن نكون قادرين ومستعدّين لتغيير المسار عند الضّرورة.>>>

The Fourth Edition of our School Book Fair

This year, organizing a 3-day book fair in times of economic uncertainty and social instability was not an easy decision. Although it was the fourth time, we were going to do it, and our logistic planning tools were ready, we still had to test the waters to see if it would work. Will publishing and printing houses participate this time? Will local bookshops be able to join? Will students buy books the way they did in the three last v… See more

My First-Year Journey in Houssam Eddine Hariri High School

Be Open to Change:
Joining the HHHS learning community was a big challenge because I had to shift from the traditional curriculum to the PYP. In the first place, supporting the students was one of my strong suits.

Plan, Plan, and Plan:
I learned to have a backup to my backup plan and to take bad days as opportunities to reflect and grow.

Seek help and ask questions:
I explored that this school is the one that works for you, having amazing coordinators and colleagues that were supportive with their words of encouragement. Working in HHHS is more than being a teacher; I am an advocate for learning. >>>

Using Authentic Reading Resources in the Classroom

Using authentic resources in the classroom has several goals, one of which is to expose the student to as much real language as possible. The authentic resources have a significant role in the classroom, even if it is not a real-life situation.
Removing a text from its native context reduces its authenticity. On the other hand, authentic materials also allow the reader to obtain accurate knowledge and learn about current events in the world. The reason we tend relate between our units of inquiry and diverse resources is that they always have something to say, whether it is information, a story, or a review. >>>
Nadine Assaf
Elementary Department
Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

Witnessing Change

My shift as a teacher from the preschool department to the elementary department was not easy; however, it was remarkable. The best part is that the students that I taught in KG3 last year are the same that I am teaching this year, and this made me acknowledge all the achievements that those students accomplished from last year up until today. >>>
Rouaa Chahine
Elementary Department
Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

Making Learning Accessible

As the pandemic triggered new ways of learning, schools around the globe shifted toward online learning. As this phase was a challenging experience for all stakeholders, many learners did not attain one-to-one support. >>>>
Elham Kashif
Elementary Department
Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

The IB World School Senior Manager Visiting Houssam Eddine Hariri High School

These [the students] are the hope of this county,” commented Mr. Pascal Ashkar, the IB World School Senior Manager, at the end of his visit to Houssam Eddine Hariri High School on June 20, 2022. Mr. Ashkar, accompanied by Mrs. Anjel Lublubjian Bouari, the Chair of the Association of the IB World Schools in Lebanon, attended the showcasing of students’ work from the PYP and the DP programmes. The showcasing included Grade 5 PYP exhibition topics, CAS portfolio and TOK exhibition projects where students presented their projects, demonstrating inquiry-based learning that contributes to developing a profile of life-long learners. >>>