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Preschool learners

Agency starts when learners take the initiative to construct their own learning environment that will shape the future of their world🌎.

هم مُشتاقون ونحن كذلك

ابتساماتهم ولهفة العودة لا تختصرها الصّور! هم مُشتاقون ونحن كذلك! نتمنى لمتعلمينا ولنا عامًا مثمرًا سنسعى فيه الى تحويل كل التّحدّيات من حولنا الى فرص حقيقية للتعلم والنجاح

Back to the lab!

The fun part in our back to school, is that we are #back_to_the_Lab! 9IP learners were able to answer a lot of questions related to measuring matter and adding up matter! So much fun in our first Lab visits.

Congratulations to our colleagues

Congratulations to our colleagues, Ms Rania Zaatari, Ms Maha Shebly and Ms Abir Nassar 👏 for being awarded the Microsoft innovative Educator Expert Certificates for 2021-2022 💪proud of our change makers in education #MIEExpert.  Thank you

Kg1 – PS First Day at School
Welcome Back to school – Grade 1
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