12th HHHSMUN Conference

- Our MUN Participations -

Our MUN Participations

Haileybury MUN Conference (UK): A New Cultural Exposure

23 April 2018

Since HHHS believes in promoting international mindedness among its learners, it offers the MUN program in both the Middle and High School Divisions as an approach to reinforce this concept and to provide our learners with the chance to experience new contexts of learning through cultural exposure. On March 21 through March 26, six students from Houssam Eddine Hariri High School got the chance to participate in the annual Haileybury MUN Conference, which is organized by Haileybury College, UK. >> MORE

AMMAN Model United Nations (AMMUN) Conference 2016

A Cultural Experience

For the third year, Houssam Eddine Hariri High School participates in a renowned regional THIMUN Affiliated conference, the 15th AMMUN Model United Nations Conference, hosted by a prestigious school, Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS) –Jordan. The event took place on October 19 to October 24, 2016 in both ABS campus and Hyatt Amman Hotel. >> MORE

NEW YORK Global Classroom International Model United Nations

Houssam Hariri High School has always embraced and adopted a big portion of programs or curricula that can inspire students to become better individuals. To have these opportunities is utterly outstanding so we have to take advantage and try our best! One of them is the Model United Nations (MUN), a conference that aims to spread awareness about global issues and to train students on how to carry out peaceful methods when faced with a conflict.>> MORE

GOLD Conference – Summer 2016 

Part of Houssam Eddine Hariri High School’s mission is to raise a generation of young people who take the initiative and hold the responsibility of finding ways in order to enhance their learning. Learning about themselves and about the world around takes place in different contexts not just in the confines of classrooms. The Lebanese American University offers the young generations in Lebanon opportunities in order to discover the world and themselves being part of this world, enhancing the global citizenship value in them. One of those opportunities is the annual GOLD conference. >> MORE

Reflection of MUN Chair in AMMUN XV - Jordan

MUN has been a part of my learning experience for the past 4 years. Ever since the 8th grade, I have relentlessly enjoyed stepping in the shoes of various ambassadors from all around the world. Yet this time it was a whole different experience, for I was no ambassador; I was MUN Chair. The HHHS Delegation and I packed our bags, held our passports, jumped on the plane, and travelled 220 km to Amman, the capital of Jordan to attend AMMUN 2016. >> MORE



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