12th HHHSMUN Conference

- Secretary General Note -

Secretary General Note

Your journey might start, continue, or end here.

Dear esteemed delegates,

As the Secretary General of the 12th HHHSMUN, I, Loulwa Kilani, would like to invite to take a step into the world of diplomacy, knowledge, and change. The Model United Nations has opened numerous doors for me and planted a seed of passion for change that has only grown larger every day. MUN is a journey full of various ecstatic experiences, full of character development, full of youth empowerment, and most importantly a place where young minds can flourish.

Our theme for this year’s HHHSMUN is “Transparency for Common Grounds” in which you will be given the chance to tackle global tribulations and break the loop of corruption, fabrication of information, and propaganda that humanity faces today. Use transparency as a weapon of peace to unravel the truths behind inhumane acts and extravagant mysteries to ensure the progression of humanity.

It all starts with being a delegate in the Model United Nations. A Secretary General’s tip would be to always be passionate about change. MUN is a path to empower youth to speak up against the corruption and oppression in our world, so be a diplomatic, well-researched, and confident delegate. Learn to resolve conflict and debate topics not only to win but to be the change our world awaits. Unleash the courage to fight against corruption and find transparency to reach common grounds. Even if it’s only a simulation of the United Nations, it’s simultaneously fueling your desire to be the change you want in the world.

Your Secretary General,
Loulwa Kilani

Loulwa Kilani

Secretary General



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