My First-Year Journey in Houssam Eddine Hariri High School

Be Open to Change:

Joining the HHHS learning community was a big challenge because I had to shift from the traditional curriculum to the PYP. In the first place, supporting the students was one of my strong suits.


Plan, Plan, and Plan:

I learned to have a backup to my backup plan and to take bad days as opportunities to reflect and grow.


Seek help and ask questions:

I explored that this school is the one that works for you, having amazing coordinators and colleagues that were supportive with their words of encouragement. Working in HHHS is more than being a teacher; I am an advocate for learning.

I consider myself a support system where I can always be beside learners. My role is to coach and facilitate student learning. As a teacher, my students and I play an equal role in the learning process. Choosing the suitable methods for teaching:

  1. Listen, discuss, read, present, and write
  2. Integrate technology
  3. Be active in a student-centered classroom


In our class, we have distance learners who highly depend on technology. Learners fully have their own pace and a supporting multimedia educational experience. Relying more on digital forms of communication, I found that it provides greater flexibility for students. It empowers me to maximize the learner’s academic growth. I always maintain a safe learning environment offering motivation and parental involvement. My distance learners reached the affective engagement where they felt committed and valued, and they had affective relations with teacher, peers, learning, and school.


Jouwanna Habash

Elementary Department

Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher