Using Authentic Reading Resources in the Classroom

Using authentic resources in the classroom has several goals, one of which is to expose the student to as much real language as possible. The authentic resources have a significant role in the classroom, even if it is not a real-life situation.


Removing a text from its native context reduces its authenticity. On the other hand, authentic materials also allow the reader to obtain accurate knowledge and learn about current events in the world. The reason we tend relate between our units of inquiry and diverse resources is that they always have something to say, whether it is information, a story, or a review. They also give you a sense of motivation to read more. Exposing kids to real language can help them learn more. They also reflect changes in language usage (something not found in textbooks) and provide proof to the learner that the language is not only studied in the classroom. A diverse range of text types makes it easier to locate anything that might catch the learner’s interest and inspire continued reading. Students can genuinely choose what they wish to read when they bring a whole newspaper or magazine into the classroom, rather than photocopies of an item. For example, during the PYP Exhibition, the learners inquire and read more to deepen their understanding about their issues by using articles, magazines, newspapers, etc. Therefore, the more a learner reads, the better a reader he becomes, boosting not only his language skills but also his confidence. If the student is interested in the text, he might link it to his life experiences.


Here, we may say that students are being exposed to genuine language, and that they believe they are learning it.

The following are the key benefits of using authentic resources in the classroom:

– having a positive effect on student motivation

– giving authentic cultural information

– exposing students to the real language

– relating more closely to the students’ needs

– supporting a more creative approach to teaching


These factors make us excited and willing to use authentic materials in our classrooms.


Nadine Assaf

Elementary Department

Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher