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دوام التدريس خلال شهر رمضان المبارك                   مواعيد نهاية العام الدراسي 2017-2018

صيف غير شكل

School Activities - 24 May 2018

How We Organize Ourselves

Preschool - 17 May 2018

Going beyond the school boundaries and meeting experts from outside the school make learning more interesting and more effective. Under the theme “How We Organize Ourselves”, KGIII learners had to investigate about different methods of transportation and their purpose, the tools that facilitate transportation, and the suitability of specific methods to meet particular needs. For that purpose, we invited a captain, who is at the same time a father of one of the KGIII learners, who shared his experiences in sailing the ship in the sea. Learners were so motivated to gain new information by listening attentively and asking effective questions. Furthermore, a member of the Internal Security Forces, who is also the father of one of the KGIII learners, visited our school to present mini workshops about the safety procedures that KGIII learners need to inquire about and practice while moving on the road. Learners were actively engaged in the activities prepared, and they shared their prior knowledge about road safety and gained new and sufficient information about it through interactive presentations, videos and games. In addition to inviting guest speakers to the school, learners went out on a field trip to Kids Mondo. All through the way there, learners were either asking about new things they see or criticizing what they see. For example, when some of the learners noticed the speed limit sign, they observed the speedometer and gave a thumb up for the bus driver for following the assigned speed. Therefore, learning in such a rich environment leads learners to take action.

Monifeh Baba - KG3 Homeroom teacher


فوز التلميذة غنى ناصر السبع أعين بجائزة ميشال شيحا للعام 2018

High School - 14 May 2018

 أقامت مؤسسة ميشال شيحا  احتفالاً في فندق بريستول بيروت حيث تم تسليم جائزة ميشال شيحا للعام 2018 الى تسعة طلاب فازوا في المسابقة التي أجريت باللغات الثلاث وقد شارك فيها أكثر من 39 مدرسة رسمية وخاصّة.
حضر الإحتفال الرئيس حسين الحسيني، الرئيس فؤاد السنيورة، نائب رئيس مؤسسة ميشال شيحا الوزير السابق ميشال الخوري وكريمة المؤرخ السيدة مادلين شيحا ضو،وعدد من الشخصيات الرسمية إضافة إلى مديري المدارس المشاركة وأولياء أمور الطلاب .
خلال الإحتفال،أُعلن فوز التلميذة غنى ناصر السبع أعين منفردة من ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري بجائزة ميشال شيحا للعام 2018. وذلك عن مشاركتها في المسابقة باللغة الإنكليزيّة.
كان موضوع المسابقة لهذه السنة "الثقة" حيث كان يتوجّب على المشاركين تحليل أقوالٍ وردت لميشال شيحا، انطباعاتهم حولها ومدى مطابقتها للبنان المعاصر،معبّرين في ذلك عن طموحهم وآمالهم في مستقبل لبنان.
فخورون جدًا بك غنى السبع أعين، مع تمنياتنا لك بالنجاح الدائم وتحقيق جميع آمالك.
أميرة أحمد الحريري
مدرّسة مادّة التاريخ في المرحلتين المتوسّطة والثانويّة


How We Express Ourselves

Preschool - 12 May 2018

We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading”. - B. F. Skinner
Under the theme “How We Express Ourselves,” KG2 learners visited the elementary school library to enrich their knowledge about various stories, and to experience different means, other than books, found there. Learners were exposed to the importance of reading and the role that books play in widening our lens and fostering our understanding.
They were introduced to different means and tools used inside the library like bookshelves, CD storage, projectors, maps, posters, puppets and computers that help both the teachers and students to inquire about their tensions. They read different versions of one story and discovered the various ways for its display. Furthermore, they sat in the story corner and chose a story that is engaging to them, and then they started reading it. As they were rotating between corners in the library, they were starting to figure out different subjects that books cover and how rich a resource book could be. Besides, some learners found stories that their parents read and realized that libraries are the house of plenty stories that we borrow and read. Finally, learners were able to conclude that stories are one way that people use to express themselves, as well as their feelings and ideas.
Learners are now able to differentiate between books, stories, posters, and maps, and they are able to relate each one to its real function. They now know and depend on the useful resources we have within our class centers, the classroom library.
For the love of reading and fostering knowledge library is always there to help us.

Rouaa Chahine, KG2 Homeroom teacher

The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship

School Activities - 30 April  2018

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championship, which is presented by Certiport Inc., is a global competition that tests students’ skills on Microsoft Office Word and Excel (2013 or 2016). Top students from different schools around the world are invited to participate in a national championship as representatives of their schools, and the winners of that competition continue to participate in the World Championship. On April 10- 11, thirty-six students from grades 8, 10 and 11 (French, English and IP sections) participated in this in-school competition. Consequently, Maya loutfi and Zouheir Nakouzi, who revealed brilliance in Microsoft offices, were selected to represent their school HHHS in the National Championship in Beirut on Wednesday, 18th of April. In fact, Maya and Zouheir were enthusiastic to share their reflections on this remarkable experience with the school community.


Simone Nassar – ICT Coordinator

إجتماع يديره المتعلّم

Preschool - 28 April  2018

يدير المتعلّم في ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري إجتماعات يشارك فيها المتعلّم مع أولياء أمره. يكون الطالب مسؤولاً عن إدارة الإجتماع ، إضافة إلى تحمّل المسؤولية عن عملية تعلّمه من خلال مشاركة أولياء الأمور فيها. و يتضمّن ذلك إظهار الطالب لفهمه من خلال مجموعة متنوّعة من أوضاع التعلّم المختلفة.

Haileybury MUN Conference (UK): A New Cultural Exposure

High School - 23 April  2018

Since HHHS believes in promoting international mindedness among its learners, it offers the MUN program in both the Middle and High School Divisions as an approach to reinforce this concept and to provide our learners with the chance to experience new contexts of learning through cultural exposure. On March 21 through March 26, six students from Houssam Eddine Hariri High School got the chance to participate in the annual Haileybury MUN Conference, which is organized by Haileybury College, UK.
On the opening ceremony of the conference, the keynote speaker, Lieutenant Colonel Anton Gash, shared with the delegates his international experience as a diplomat who had to deal with Defense Diplomacy in different contexts whereby he had to demonstrate power yet respect to the locals. A pivotal lesson he learned was, “Power comes with responsibility.” It is a lesson for the youth to digest regarding the work of diplomats and the representatives of countries in various contexts since being powerful entails respect towards the others. Lieutenant Gash also highlighted the significance of achievement regardless of those who receive the credit at the end. It is essential that such significant lessons be shared with MUNers and probably future diplomats who will one day take control of the world and will have to take major decisions about various conflicts they encounter on a daily basis.

Hiba Chamandi
MUN & IBDP EE Coordinator
HS Language Arts Teacher



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