10th HHHSMUN Conference

- Secretary General Note -

Secretary General Note

Our irreplaceable team, distinguished guests, and most valued delegates,

I, Tala Jardali, the Co-Secretary General of this year’s MUN Conference am more than thrilled, excited and proud to welcome you to the 10th annual Houssam Hariri High School Model United Nations. This won’t be like any other SG note you have ever read; it is more like a reflection on the roller coaster of emotions that we have experienced in the process of preparing this MUN. I am proud because despite of all of the challenges, despite of having to do all of our work in the few hours in which we were supplied with power, despite of losing almost all means of communication due to internet cut outs, we were able to stay dedicated, consistent, and diplomatic because this is what MUN implanted in us. I, myself, have faith in everyone who is willing to be a part of this year’s MUN; this is who we are, the unstoppable.

 The MUN spirit, the love of speeches, podiums, and problem- solving mindsets are what kept us pushing through as MUN was the only light left to brighten our days when total darkness took over. Throughout the years, I participated in all possible MUNs as I was able to realize that MUN is a treasure that provides us with everything needed to become an active, confident, and beneficial member in the society. From research skills to speaking skills, MUN prepares a person to logically think of solutions for obstacles we face every day, discuss them with the surrounding community and convince everyone diplomatically.

I, Sahar Fadda, the Co-Secretary General, was in 8th grade when I attended my first HHHS MUN. At the closing ceremony, the SG’s were delivering their speech and at that very moment I knew that someday I wanted to stand where they are and feel how they felt. I wanted to set the same example they set for me so younger students can feel exactly how I felt at that very moment. MUN is an experience that will stay with you long after you graduate. My passion for MUN grew stronger as I participated in conference after conference. It is all about dedication, organization and passion. MUN allows one to gain many skills such as public speaking, research and negotiating skills.

This extracurricular experience has been an extremely long-standing tradition at Houssam Eddine El Hariri High-school because of how it has shaped each and every individual who has participated, myself included. It can allow one to discover themselves in ways they can only do so through MUN. There are definitely some bumps in the road, and they are different for each individual. However, the lessons we learn from these bumps are the most important out of the entire experience. The delegates give oxygen to the conference for it to survive and thrive through their speeches, debates, and resolution papers. We, as an MUN team, give our all to this experience from start to finish because we appreciate deeply its impact on each and every one of us. In other words, MUN gave me what many things could one, which is the chance to play the part of something greater than myself.

 This year we are offering six committees under our theme “four legs or two; we speak for you”. Responding to Lebanon’s downfall is going to be discussed in the Third General Assembly in which delegates are expected to think of solutions for the socio-economic crisis in Lebanon; on the other hand, corruption in Lebanon will be debated in our second committee, International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ). We have also chosen UN Women as a committee where the impact of covid 19 on the livelihoods of women will be conversed. Add to that our youth committee, which gives a chance to our young generation to be a part of this program as well, is Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) tackling the globalization of animal welfare. Both Arabic and French are celebrated at our school; thus, we will entertain an Arabic speaking committee, ((مجلس الامن to tackle the Palestinian Case in addition to allocating a French committee, UNITAR, to tackle fake news.

We were not once but several times in your place. We have researched at home surrounded with scattered papers, stood behind a podium to confidently defended a country, debated and answered challenging questions. We can describe the whole process in pages, but one thing that we cannot describe is how proud a person can be throughout his/her MUN journey be it winning or watching yourself continuously growing into a mature and educated version of yourself; it is an experience not to miss!

Secretaries General,

Tala Jardali and Sahar Fadda

Tala Jardali

Secretaries General

Sahar Fadda

Secretaries General



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