10th HHHSMUN Conference

- Directors' Note -

Directors' Note

 “At Model UN, you broaden your horizons. By learning and networking, you can be part of the UN’s efforts to establish peace, secure human rights and enable all people to live in dignity."

 – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, 24 January 2017

As the HHHSMUN director and as an IB educator in Houssam Eddine Hariri High School, I believe in the universality of our mission that every member in HHHSMUN Team aims to achieve. It is about promoting learning that provides the youth with authentic experiences that will render them ready to face the world’s complexities and dilemmas. With the urgent waves of change going on, it is much needed now to offer them such experiences.

Moreover, there is no better than Model United Nations programme in paving the way for our future generations to understand the concept of international mindedness and experience being global citizens in addressing problems ranging form local to universal.

This year, the 10th HHHSMUN has a different mission and urgency with the miscellaneous conflicts that our country, Lebanon, faces. It is about time they question the causes of the situation they live in; it is about time they learn how to join forces with others; and it is about time they consider solutions for such firsthand conflicts. This is addressed in GA3 and ICTJ. International conflicts are addressed in UNTAR (French), SC (Arabic), UNE and AWC. With such said, and in light of our programs, Lebanese, French, IB and IP, we proudly offer committees in Arabic and French in addition to English as an example of this universality.

It is quite apparent that the United Nations and its bodies play a role is the universal organization that tries to play the role of the mediator between the nations in order to sustain peace, security and basic human rights. The UN’s effort does not always culminate into the wanted results due to intricate complexities in the world of politics and international affairs. Once the youth is exposed to this realm of global matters through model United Nations programmes, they will develop a better critical judgement of the various local, regional and global issues as clearly presented in the various topics discussed in the chosen committees. Such learning experiences will ultimately and on the long run, once sustained and maintained, build momentum for a positive ripple effect that will one day reach the global community.

That being said, HHHSMUN is organized to provide the young students with a platform (be it virtual or in person) where they can experience the world of the United Nations by practicing public speaking, writing and research skills; such rich and much needed domains are what educators aspire those students get to acquire and learn in order to utilize in real life contexts.

As a believer in the importance and value-added benefits of MUN, I wholeheartedly welcome all MUN partners who believe in our conference’s mission which is mainly an educational mission that helps in instilling the concept of global citizenship and international mindedness within the youth of tomorrow.

Nagham Abou Ali



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