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Celebrating our Colleagues’ Achievements 2

5 Feb  2021

Since its establishment, HHHS has been acknowledged as a venue for professional growth where the educators have been distinguished for their tendency to transfer knowledge to their colleagues inside and the beyond the school gates. HHHS shows pride in those teachers whose knowledge reach far destinations through the workshops or webinars they conduct at conferences taking place globally.

Maya Ramlawi is a Grade 1 PYP teacher who has always been an advocate of technology through the adoption of a lot of tools and apps that make her life as an educator much more organized, synchronized, clear, and resourceful. Ever since COVID 19 appeared, distance learning and teaching imposed themselves on all educators and learners around the world, and technology evolved to shape education in many ways. In response to the pandemic, the school launched its digital transformation and started an ICT (Information Communication Technologies) committee of educators. As a member of that committee, and with the collaboration of the grade level team, Maya started exploring the evolving educational technology tools and apps. As a devoted and passionate educator who has been always minding the social and emotional wellbeing of her learners, Maya’s concern was the disconnection between the learning community at that time, and she wondered “How can we best know how it is going on the other side, at the learners’ end?” That is when she explored “Flipgrid” and found it to be the best tool for empowering the learners’ voices, enhancing their communication skills, and keeping the learning community connected again. Maya was then selected to facilitate both online and face-to-face training workshops for her colleagues in the department. That was the first step in the successful implementation of “Flipgrid” as an assessment tool during distant learning and teaching, and Maya continues her journey of growth as an educator.


Sasha Ghosn is a Grade 5 PYP Homeroom teacher and a lifelong learner who always looks for opportunities to expand her knowledge and skill base in current and relevant topics that support her teaching practices, as well as her personal and professional growth. As an open-minded teacher, she believes that one must learn to be an open-minded learner, with a thirst for knowledge that cannot be quenched when there is so much to learn and many changes taking place in this fast-paced world. 2020, although deemed “bad” from its beginning, has offered Sasha an opportunity to be challenged and seek answers to the dilemmas that she, along with all teachers around the world, is facing 21-century learning. During the summer, Sasha started by delving more into remote learning aids that can enlarge her teacher toolbox and make distance learning more efficient. The Microsoft Educator Center provided her with a comprehensive platform to develop her knowledge with courses that add to around 80 hours of training on Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms, OneNote, Class Notebooks, Flipgrid, Wakelet, among others. Along with the actual application, the courses have enriched her practice, and thus, the efficiency of technology use in the virtual classroom. Another aspect Sasha is passionate about is the importance of mental health and its impacts on learning. Different Webinars conducted by Bari Koral, offered by edWeb and on her private site, were of excellent help for her to gain strategies for classroom use that result in growth mindsets. Since becoming a PYP teacher, she is also in the pursuit of developing her understanding and knowledge about the IB program. As such, she was very enthusiastic about partaking in the Toddle Bootcamp for the first time this year. With topics related to leading inquiry during uncertainty, learner’s “agency in the EPYP”, fostering positive relationships, Math in the PYP, she was armed with more tools and renewed awe for the program. Her enthusiasm for learning.


Talia Hijazi is a first-grade PYP homeroom teacher. Just like every other teacher, she aims to ease the online learning process for her learners during the pandemic. In her quest to find suitable tools for first graders, and along the digital shift implemented by the department and the school to stay connected with the learners, Flipgrid, the video discussion experience, was selected as the most suitable learner friendly tool. Here is where Talia got excited to try it and started posting topics that received lots of responses, and this resulted in being recognized by the Flipgrid Team who asked her to take part in the certification programs to further advance her technology skills. Talia recently became a contributing member of the Student Voice Ambassador Community for the school year 2020-2021 on Flipgrid after fulfilling the requirements. She has a solid belief that this tool empowers students’ voice, choice, and ownership, the highlights of the IB PYP Enhancements as well. She was involved with the certification program, learned about a range of topics, and connected with a huge community of educators whose utmost aim is to engage the learners. After an amazing journey of growth, she has received the highest certification available on Flipgrid and is now a Grid Guide. Later, she facilitated an online and face-to-face training workshop on “The What, Why, and How of Flipgrid” for the teachers in the elementary department. Talia proved and will continue to prove that she is a life-long learner who is always aiming to enhance her skills and grow as an educator.


On December 2020, Mrs. Rima Jbaei was selected as a Global Math Project Ambassador, the first
Lebanese ambassador, joining with this achievement a wide community of multinational
The Global Math Project is a collaboration among math professionals from around the world
committed to inspiring educators everywhere to ignite and sustain in their students a love for
learning mathematics. Their vision is to cultivate a world united through the joyful learning of
Mrs. Ryma Jabei says that it all started when she was conducting a research about new topics in
mathematics and their ways of being implemented in high school curriculum; her research led her
to come across a lecture for Dr. James Tanton explaining the Exploding Dots concept, an
astounding mathematical approach that starts at the very beginning of mathematics and swiftly
takes the individual on a wondrous journey through grade school arithmetic, polynomial algebra
and infinite sums to unsolved problems baffling mathematicians to this day.
Mrs Jbaei says , “I was very interested in this topic and I decided to contact Dr. James who is a
member of the Mathematical Association of America and a co-founder of the Global Math Project,
asking him how I can learn more about this concept as a new approach for teaching mathematics in
high school. He advised that I should take a course which is divided into eight separate modules. At
the end of each module, there is a test which would be evaluated by the Global Math Project
Mrs. Jabei managed to study the eight modules, scoring 100/100 in the tests. Accordingly, she has
been granted the certificate of Global Math Project Ambassador.
As an ambassador, she can conduct workshops and events to explain the Exploding Dots and give
demonstrations, connecting with a global community of ambassadors from different countries, to
work on bringing joyful, meaningful and uplifting mathematics to the world.
The “Exploding dots” approach is considered a revolutionary concept that changes the way we
learn and teach mathematics and fundamental mind-shift of what school mathematics can and
should be. The target of this project is to reach the biggest number of students and teachers to
experience this transformative approach to mathematics.
Mrs. Jbaei reflects on this experience by saying, “This experience has emphasized my beliefs that
mathematics should inspire the brilliance inside the minds of young people, and not to prevent them
from flourishing and it should be joyful to every student no matter how abstract this subject is. In
view of this, it is necessary to build the bridges between the concrete thinking, representational
thinking and abstract thinking and let students enjoy going back and forth and moving into those
different types of thinking.”


المدرّس الموسيقي خالد الجنـّون، هو مدرّس التّربية الموسيقيّة في ثانويّة حسام الدّين الحريري التابعة لجمعيّة المقاصد الخيريّة الإسلاميّة في صيدا. عمل الأستاذ خالد في عدد من المؤسسات التربويّة داخل لبنان وخارجه. عام 1978 م دخل إلى دار المعلمين والمعلّمات فرع التـّربية الموسيقيّة وتخرّج منها سنة 1981 م ، وكان أوّل مدرّس تفرّغ لتدريس مادّة التـّربية الموسيقيـّة في إقليم الخرّوب بين كل الخرّيجين. بعدها، درس الموسيقى وآلة العود في المعهد الموسيقي الوطني اللبناني منذ العام 1978 – 1982ورفـّع إلى السنة الخامسة مكافأة لمهارته المميّزة في العزف. ولقد حاز سنة 2020 على دبلوم في العزف على آلة العود بدرجة ممتاز من بيت الموسيقى التـّابع للنـّجدة الشـّعبية اللبنانيـّة في عكـّار. كما له مجموعة من الأعمال الغنائيـّة، نذكر منها: أوّل عمل غنائي للأطفال بعنوان ( الطّفل والبحر) لمؤسّسة ( سنا ) في المملكة العربيّة السعوديّة والّذي لاقى نجاحا وانتشارا كبيرين في البلاد العربيّة والعالم، تلته إصدارات: أجمل حب ، جئناك أتينا ندعوك ، قلوب النّاس في عرفات ، كن معي، أعظم إنسان ، رحلة صيّاد وأعراس. وتذاع هذه الأعمال على القنوات الفضائيّة التي تهتمّ بأغنية الطّفل والإنشاد الإسلامي. ولقد نال عمله التّلحيني (عودة ليلى الفلسطينيّة) عام 1997 الجائزة الذّهبيّة في مهرجان الإذاعة والتّلفزيون لأغاني الأطفال في القاهرة، وهو من ألحانه وكلمات الشّاعر الحلبي سليم عبد القادر زنجير.--