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Celebrating our Colleagues’ Achievements

21 Dec 2020

Since its establishment, HHHS has been acknowledged as a venue for professional growth where the educators have been distinguished for their tendency to transfer knowledge to their colleagues inside and the beyond the school gates. HHHS shows pride in those teachers whose knowledge reach far destinations through the workshops or webinars they conduct at conferences taking place globally.

Bearing this in mind, HHHS celebrates the achievement of these colleagues, among whom is Mrs. Dounia Sawan, the Middle School Math Coordinator, who spares no free time to share her passion about Math with the local and foreign educators. Her purposeful and interactive webinar held at 4 Generation 4 Education: Mathematics across the Curriculum on Saturday, November 28 was such a remarkable success that has enlightened teachers on learning experiences that would enhance their students’ mathematical thinking and skills. Mrs. Dounia also contributed to the Toddle Platform by publishing a Math collection of learning experiences related to the upper and lower elementary. HHHS wishes best of luck to Mrs. Sawan in similar future endeavors.


يسّرنا أن نشارككم تجربة الزّميلة أميرة الحريري في البرنامج التّدريبيّ "مقاربات جديدة لتعليم التّاريخ – نحو فهم أعمق للماضي".
لقد تمّ تنظيم البرنامج من قبل الهيئة اللّبنانيّة للتّاريخ وبرنامج الأمم المتحدّة الانمائيّ في لبنان مستهدفًا أساتذة ومنسّقي مادّة التّاريخ في لبنان سواء في المدارس الرّسميّة أو الخاصة.
تمّ تيسير القسم الأوّل من البرنامج خلال شهر تشرين الثّاني 2020 عبر ثلاثة مشاغل على منصّة مايكروسفت تيمز، ليتمّ عرض القسم الثّاني خلال الأشهر الأولى من السّنة المقبلة 2021.

الغاية من هذا البرنامج: تدريب المعلّمين على تعليم مادّة التّاريخ عبر المنصّات الالكترونيّة خلال جائحة كوفيد 19ليصبح الأساتذة روّادًا في تغيير مسار صفوفهم باعتماد مقاربات جديدة في تعليم التّاريخ، والاستخدام الفعّال للتّعليم الرقميّ، وبناء التّفكير التّاريخيّ، ومهارات البحث الاستقصائيّ.
وقد تضمّنت المشاغل الثّلاثة الأولى: استضافة مؤرّخيْن لبنانييْن، تحليل صور ومستندات تاريخيّة، التّدريب على مفهوميّ السّببيّة والاستمرار والتّغيير، مشاهدة أفلام وثائقيّة، عرض أهميّة السّؤال البحثيّ، التّدريب على استعمال مصادر متنوّعة تحثّ التّفكير النّقديّ عند المتعلّم من أجل بناء مهارات التّفكير العليا عنده، بالإضافة إلى أنشطة متنوّعة هادفة تحثّ الأساتذة على تطبيقها داخل صفوفهم.
كانت مشاركة الزّميلة أميرة الحريري في هذا البرنامج لافتة، لاسيّما أنّه قد تمّ اختيارها من قِبل الهيئة في الفريق التّحضيريّ للبرنامج، ثمّ من الفريق التّدريبيّ. وتجدر الإشارة إلى أنّ هذا التّدريب هو الأوّل من نوعه في لبنان خلال جائحة كورونا عبر منصّة مايكروسفت تيمز، حيث تمّ تدريب أكثر من 100 مشارك.
وخلال الورش، وبطلب من السّيّدة نايلة حمادة رئيسة الهيئة اللّبنانيّة للتّاريخ، طُلِب من الزّميلة أميرة الحريري تدريب الفريق التّدريبيّ على منصّة مايكروسفت تيمز، وبالتّالي تدريب الأساتذة المشاركين في البرنامج. كذلك طُلِب منها وبشكل استثنائيّ عرض تجربتها لوحدة "الحرب الأهليّة اللّبنانيّة" أمام الزّملاء المشاركين، مسلّطة الضّوء على التّحدّيات الّتي واجهتها، وكيفيّة التّحضير، وأهميّة دعم المدرسة الدّائم لعملها، بالإضافة إلى كيفيّة تطبيق هذه الوحدة مع طلاّب الثّانوي الأوّل.
وهي الآن توظّف أهداف هذا البرنامج مع طلاّبها داخل الصّفوف، يشاركها في ذلك الزّميلة سلام مراد الّتي خضعت للتّدريب ضمن مجموعتها، والّتي تنقل بدورها تدريبها إلى صفوفها.


Roweida Bawab, the Biology and ESS educator, started this school year being selected as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert for 2020-2021. This experience has allowed her to share her experiences in Microsoft Education applications and tools, mainly Teams, OneNote, and Forms with more than 400 people, which eventually made her earn a Master Trainer badge from Microsoft. Being exposed to such learning experience, Ms Roweida has started to refine her online teaching methods and experiment in integrating group work, virtual labs, and interactive simulations into online classes in addition to some extra methods in both synchronous and asynchronous classes. Quoting Bawab's reflection in relation to this experience, she said, "My favourites [applications] were collaborative boards and matching pairs in Nearpod, collating resources and debates in Wakelet and competitions in Kahoot!" This proves the value of such opportunities that will be added value to the teacher, not just on the level of recognition, but also on the level of professional development that refines the teacher's practices.

In July 2020, Mrs. Noor Taweel, the PYP Team Teaching and Learning Coordinator, was shortlisted among 6,500 educators all over the world who applied to join the IBEN Initial Development Training 2020. This training offered her an effective learning experience to develop the skills to be a successful workshop leader and school leadership team member, who can support the IB stakeholders’ development and inspire confidence in the application of the IB Programme Standards and Practices.
Amidst the COVID-19 health challenges, the training was done virtually, after it was planned to take place in person in Poland. It extended over a period of seven weeks of work (July 27th to September 12th), divided into four modules. Each online module included two learning engagements to be completed in public forums and individual milestone engagement, which were evaluated using the IBEN capability continuum. The participants received personalized feedback for each milestone engagement, and there were, as well, opportunities to share in synchronous sessions to meet live with the course facilitators and other participants from other schools, and even regions, who all aim at expanding the IB mission in the IB World Schools. Mrs. Noor reflects that this opportunity shed light on her knowledge of the program and strengthened and deepened her understanding and vision of how it can be implemented in diverse ways. She says: “It made me grow in many aspects. Learning was at the heart of each phase during this training that helped me develop IBEN capabilities and work under pressure to achieve a goal which I consider a life-long learning one, while still seeking for more opportunities in the future.” Mrs. Noor is known for her limitless passion for implementing the IB PYP program, and she sees that the school supported her to be part of this community for better prosperity, progress, and continuous development. In her turn, she always encourages and motivates her colleagues to enhance their experiences within the IB world, since she believes that they all have all that it takes to become part of the IBEN.

Samia Henaine, the PYP Math and ICT (Information Communication Technologies) Coordinator, is a math planning guru à la PYP. She recently became a contributing member in the Toddle Platform online community that caters to the IB curriculum and framework, where educators from all around the world collaborate, cooperate, and share their experience, highlight issues related to teaching and learning, and finally contribute as active participants in applying best practices. On Toddle, Mrs. Samia published a PYP Math unit planner titled "The Birthday Party Plan" that is a fresh take on driving student inquiry through single subject units and encourages students to explore the relationship between types of numbers and understand how to use them to solve real-life problems. It addresses the upper elementary learners and was designed using the elements of PYP enhancement.
Another achievement for Mrs. Samia is that she was selected as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert for 2020-2021. Motivated by her passion to learn and share learning with others and to be an expert educator in the 21st century, she joined the Microsoft Educator Centre, took many courses, and completed many learning paths. She earned more than 30 certificates and 40 badges, including the MIE one, and she became capable of using most of the Microsoft applications, Outlook, Calendar, Teams, Forms, Word, PowerPoint, and One Drive. The journey did not end here as she set the plan to coach and support her colleagues’ growth by conducting trainings on the best practices to use Office 365 applications, mainly Teams and Forms, to support online teaching. It is worth mentioning here that Mrs. Samia lately shared her MIE expertise upon invitation from a member of Microsoft Innovative Educators' Kenyan Chapter, talking about the main tips and tricks of teaching online mathematics and inspire educators to be the change leaders during this pandemic. She comments: “Becoming a MIE Expert had positively impacted my career and supported me by growing my professional learning network and sharing my passion with more educators.”