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Microsoft Global Learning Connection 2020

21 Dec 2020

Microsoft Global Learning Connection is an annual event that aims to virtually join classes and learning communities from around the world. This year, it took place on November 10th and 11th and was even more interesting than all past years because it came at times when so many classes have migrated to being totally online, so it gave thousands of students “virtual visas’ on their passports and provided them with the opportunity to travel to distant places when travel otherwise has become a bit less easy than it used to be.
IBDP2 students met IB Biology students of Sekolah Global Indo-Asia in Indonesia and Silver Oaks School in India and discussed their progress in their courses, exchanged advice and tips for completing their IAs and getting ready for assessments. They also talked about their experiences with the lockdown situations in their respective countries and how it feels like to be studying online with limited to no access to laboratories. In the reflection form shared after these exciting Skype calls, students expressed their happiness with the connections they have made; Ahmad Farhat stated that “Connecting with other IB students is rather interesting and fun”, Omar Bitar suggested “to make the interaction longer and create a longer lasting impact”.
This was another time in which our IB students proved how caring, communicative and international minded they can be.

Roweida Bawab
IB Biology and ESS Facilitator
MIE Expert and Master Trainer