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International Baccalaureate First Virtual Conference 2020: Reimagine the Future of Education

18 Dec 2020

“I want to discuss ...and re-examine the role of IB in an ever-changing world,” Dr. Siva Kumari, the IB Director General highlights the message that she wants to deliver in the opening session of the first IB virtual Conference on December 8, 2020. This message sets the tone for the rest of the virtual sessions extending from December 9 through December 11. The sessions come as an interpretation of the above statement and an elaboration on this year’s theme, Reimagine the Future of Education. The theme and Dr. Kumari’s message are open invitations to re-assess and re-evaluate our pedagogical practices in alignment with an ever-changing world.
The sessions highlight various concepts starting with the significance of humanizing the virtual experience and to keep it about building the learner’s character, to transforming pedagogies, to reimagining the infrastructure of education to fit a futuristic job market, and to finally reaching the well-being of the learner and the educator in such a new learning environment. These concepts are addressed in the light of how the IB organization is examining its role as an independent actor aiming at providing quality education for all in a challenging world.
To be part of such a global educational gathering of around 4500 participants is the best interpretation of international connectedness. The IB Virtual Conference 2020 gives you the experience of being part of a global celebration commending the role of IB educators as catalysts for a global positive change that pushes forward the role of education to improve our lives and eventually to have a better future.

Hiba Chamandi
IBDP Coordinator
Extended Essay Coordinator
IBDP Global Politics Teacher