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14 April 2021

"Battling 202 once again" has been the theme for this year's HARMUN'21 Conference organized by Rafic Hariri High School and held via Microsoft teams on Saturday and Sunday 19th and 11th of April.
Despite the rainy weather outside that somehow caused techniqual issues, our delegates managed to be active participants and eventually won another memorable experience. Some of them won as follows:
In WHO discussing COVID19, middle school delegates, Mostafa Shreiteh won Best Delegate Award, and Qamar Abou Zeinab won Honrobale Mention Award.

When it comes to high school delegates, they participated in two committees: in ECOFIN (Lebanese economical collapse) Ahmad El Soussi won the Best Delegate Award and Khaled El Danab won Honorable Mention Award. In UNSC, Ghida Shaaban won the Best Delegate Award while Reem Ghazzaoui won the Honorable Mention Award.
Congratulation for another achievement.

Nagham Abou Ali