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ICT article

31 Aug 2020

Online education has always been present as a great solution for students’ need for flexibility and convenience, this can be seen through the rise of the popularity of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and the success of the online education market.
This year, and after the world was taken by surprise with the emergence of COVID-19 as a global pandemic and the compulsory lockdown that it brought with it, technology was the only savior education could rely on. Schools and colleges were forced to choose remote learning.
Of the many online platforms used, Microsoft Teams has proven to be the best in meeting the needs of the entire learning community. Its many features, that include but are not limited to, online meetings, sharing materials, organizing assignments and quizzes allowed easy collaboration and facilitation of classes for both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Microsoft Teams is also being constantly updated for further improvements and additional features which made it many educators around the world’s favourite.
Getting ready for this new trend, all teachers were provided with professional development in the form of face-to-face and online training sessions that tackled different aspects and add-ons of Microsoft Teams as well as an umbrella of certified courses offered by Microsoft Education Centre.
This professional development, however, will be on-going and will continue for as long as they are needed. Teachers will be constantly given support and additional applications will be suggested for an improved learning experience.
Support will also be given to students and parents throughout the levels, teachers will be dedicating time to introduce, guide and help students through the entire learning process and parents will be communicated with and given adequate support, whether as tutorials, webinars or face-to-face workshops will be given depending on the department and the grade level.
We’re counting on all the facilities that the technology offers, but also on the positive feedback from our community. We’re confident that our collaboration and teamwork will help get us through these challenging times while putting our students’ health, wellbeing, and educational levels first.