Stop Superbugs!

26 Nov 2019

It's the world Antibiotic Awareness Week! It is well-known internationally that November is the world Antibiotic Awareness month. It takes place annually to make antibiotic resistance a globally recognized health issue and to raise awareness about the need to preserve the power of antibiotic through appropriate use. That's why an informative video under the title of "Stop Superbugs" was presented by the Health Club Team. The overall goal of this video was to promote our students’ knowledge about antibiotics and how antibiotics lose their effectiveness due to misuse. It also taught them to seek health care professional advice before taking antibiotics since their unnecessary use speeds up its resistance. Some important steps are completing the course treatment regimen, practicing good hygiene and getting vaccination. Moreover, educational handouts and posters were posted in order to warn the students about the misuse of medicine, especially Antibiotic. Following the tips highlighted in the video would enable students to understand the impact of preventing infections; thus, it can reduce the use of antibiotics and limit the speed of antibiotic resistance.


Ohoud Afara ~ Middle & Secondary School Registered Nurse