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My Remarkable and Inspiring Participation in Immerse Education Summer Program 2019

25 Sep 2019

This summer, I had the opportunity to benefit from a scholarship offered by Immerse Education to attend a summer camp in one of the world's most prestigious universities, The University of Cambridge, where I have enhanced my knowledge on one of my favorite subjects, Philosophy. During my stay, I got to meet people from different backgrounds, which not only widened my circle of friends but also availed me to get acquainted with diverse cultures. In an attempt to become more IMMERSED in this amazing experience, we had the chance to visit Cambridge city and some of the most mesmerizing colleges of the university through fun activities like the scavenger hunt. Moreover, Immerse made sure to put some weight on its educational side by setting a meeting with some eminent guest speakers so that they can inform us about their meritorious achievements and provide the best advice to propel our work and reach our full potential. It also offered us a variety of workshops in order to elucidate overt perplexities concerning university applications. As for Philosophy, I definitely fell in love with all of the dimensions I didn't even know they were present. This subject is arguably abstruse but not esoteric because it satiates our inquisitive nature. By and large, what I appreciate the most about this experience is its completeness; I feel absolutely enriched.

Gheed Bizri - Seconde Student