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Human Rights Club

15 Jan 2020

Congratulations to our HHHS High School students who have successfully fulfilled the requirements of the World Youth Alliance Certified Training Program (CTP). The program helped our students understand and analyze today’s most pressing issues from the perspective of dignity, freedom, and solidarity, promote and defend policies centered on the dignity of the human person at international and national levels as well as foster a culture of life in all actions at the school campus and beyond. The members who have completed the training and who have received excellent grades on their final exams will become program trainers for their peers for the academic year 2020.

Ms Dima Khalifeh, Certified Trainer & Former Regional Director of Operations at World Youth Alliance, believed that this program offers more than a training on human rights. It creates a context for students to explore their own minds, thoughts and perception. It allows them to see concepts from different perspectives, train their critical thinking and express themselves with clarity. It goes into the philosophical depths of the human being, human dignity, freedom and the objective values that highlight human divinity. After this program, students are more aware of the sacred value of the human person and, thus, regard their fellow human beings with equality, respect and appreciation - regardless of the diversity of their backgrounds. The interest and commitment on the part of the eight students who took this program were remarkable. Each one of them brought an added value to the sessions; their questions and critical analyses brought about interesting debates and conversation. Ms Khalifeh learned quite a lot from this inspiring group and she is looking forward to see what great things they will create using this knowledge especially that most of them got excellent remarks and will be supporting in delivering the program in the upcoming year.

After meeting with the newly assigned program trainers, they highlighted how much enthusiastic they are to start implementing the program to empower youth at our local community. Everyone can become a leader in his/her community and this is an exciting and innovative opportunity to create change and empower youth.


Yara Nassar
Gheed Bizri
Elissa Al Masri
Yasmine Awali
Dima Bsat
Dana Salameh
Reine Akoush
Samer Abu Zaher

Mona Majzoub
High School Director & IBDP Coordinator