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A Memorable Visit to UK with EduStride

8 July 2020

Although it's almost been a year since our trip with EduStride, my friends and I still talk about it, look again at our photos and remember our most enjoyable moments. For notice, EduStride is a Lebanon-based group that offers educational, cultural, and literary trips to various locations around the world including UK. During that trip, I got to visit Britain’s famous spots and explore its beautiful and ancient cities. Moreover, thanks to the classes that we took at East Sussex College, I’ve managed to enhance some essential skills such as leadership and public speaking. Most importantly, I’ve got the chance to bond with several students who go to the same school as me but who have now became my closest friends. It was truly a one-of-a-kind trip that my friends and I can hardly forget!
Ghia Bsat ~ Grade 10 French system Student

A Choice You Won’t Regret!
The visit to the United Kingdom with EDUSTRIDE last year is unforgettable as I’d never forget any moment I’ve spent there learning, exploring, and making new friends in UK. This trip is educational yet fun at the same time! We were introduced to a new culture and witnessed the western world from a different lens while enhancing our knowledge about the history, religion, cuisine, and other aspects of the new world. During that trip, we visited new places each day and enjoyed every hour of the day; it was a workout walking all day around the rich city, but it was really worth it! I couldn't recall a day where we weren’t hectic! London and Bath were quite crowded, and Hastings was more of a calm and beautiful environment. We would wake up every morning at the amazing sight of the majestic sea in front of us. When my family and classmates ask me about the favorite place I visited in UK, I become speechless because every place has left an indelible mark in my heart; every place I visited has impacted me to a great extent in different ways. As a final note, I truly advise everyone to visit UK with the EduStride team because they are sweet and professional people who fulfill their promises and make your trip unique!

Sally Dali Balta ~ Grade 11S Student