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Celebrating Apple Day

11 Nov 2019

Apple Day has proven itself to be an increasingly most liked event for the students for the past 2 years in the elementary and preschool departments. It first started on 21 October 1990 in the UK as an attempt to spread environmental awareness and a celebration of autumn as a whole.
For us, Apple Day is to remind the public of the importance of orchards, fields, and nature to humanity, as well as to encourage people to look for more naturally sourced food. Another cause to celebrate this day is to support the Lebanese farmers’ markets that lost its major role in exporting Lebanese fruits to the countries in the region due to surrounding war circumstances.
Activities to celebrate this event were varied according each grade level, from KG1 till Grade 5, such as apple investigation, health benefits experiments in the lab, apple-based snacks and treats, discussions about the apple tree life cycle, areas to plant, season to harvest, problems that face the season, pesticides, and planting new kinds of apples.
The most interesting part of the event was the visit that 5th graders paid to an apple orchard in Jezzine accompanied by their teachers and the school’s gardener who explained on-site the important phases in the tree’s life cycle and helped the students to plant apple trees.
Like the apple, we started this event and planted our idea to sprout later on into student-led inquiries and activities!

Hala Shaddad
Elementary & Pre-school Health Supervisor