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Education City Regional Counselor Program

27 Feb 2019

I was fortunate to have this amazing opportunity to attend Education City Regional Counselor Program (ECRCP) in Doha on the 13th and 14th of January 2019. Qatar Foundation established this city with the aim of promoting education excellence in the region. Education City is a home to campuses of six American renowned universities. Each one of the universities has been hand-selected to offer its top programs to students in the Gulf region. These universities are Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (design), Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (medicine), Texas A&M University at Qatar (engineering), Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (computer science, business), Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (political science and international affairs) and Northwestern University in Qatar (Journalism).

ECRCP represents a concerted collaboration between the undergraduate admission and student recruitment offices of the above-mentioned six universities in Education City. The two-day program was comprehensive and rich; wide range of topics were discussed, and practical information was shared by excellent speakers. It included university campus visits, Qatar National Library tour, residence hall tour, and Qatar Foundation financial aid lecture. During our tours in campuses, representatives from all six universities warmly welcomed us and explained about their academic programs, admission requirements, opportunities available to international students and financial aid tools to maximize the opportunity for admission. Some current students and alumni were there and provided first-hand accounts of their own special Education City experience, experiential learning and internships. I was incredibly impressed with the campuses that are a great place to study and practice. Campuses have excellent libraries with many kinds of books and modern technology. Students there can study friendly and studiously, share ideas in a diverse environment, and enjoy their stay.

At my surprise was Qatar National Library (QNL) that collects and provides access to global knowledge, preserves heritage content and materials. It also provides printed and digital library materials for students and researchers, and delivers library services and information for everyone.

Apart from this was the entertainment part with the amazing team that I have met there. Admission officers were supportive and welcoming all the time. It was also a pleasant opportunity for counselors from different countries to bond. I enjoyed the nice international mix, communicating, and meeting new people. I was delighted to learn about education city and now with confidence, I can convey this bright picture to spread education and unlock the potential in the region’s youth.

Nadine Zeidan - University Adviser and Career Counselor