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Happy 10th PYP Anniversary

2 Feb 2019

Today, Houssam Eddine Hariri High School celebrates the tenth anniversary as an IB World School authorized to offer the Primary Years Programme – the PYP for students aged 3-11. It all started back in 2004 when the school applied for the PYP candidacy with so many questions in mind; How would this international program fit into our context? How do other schools do it? How would teachers embrace this paradigm shift away from the traditional approaches to teaching and learning? How would parents feel about this change? More and more questions were posed! Above all those worries, however, the school had a clear vision, which puts the learner in the first place, and it strongly believed in the opportunities the PYP would provide for the personal, social, and academic development of students. It is said that people who know their “why” know their way; the “why” has always been “the learner”, and our students continue to be the main reason behind every pedagogy we implement.
One of the greatest values of the PYP lies in the transformation it brings into the whole school culture changing it into a culture of life-long learning, where learning becomes a lifestyle and continuous growth becomes a mindset. Accordingly, receiving authorization to deliver the PYP from the IBO in 2008 came to celebrate the culmination of one phase, yet it marked the beginning of a new phase of learning to take our school into the next level of practice. Throughout the past ten years, the school has consistently been putting plans into action aiming to reflect best practice and ensure sustainability and ongoing development of the program. In addition, the school has completed two program evaluation stages, which validated the school’s practices and its increasing capability to continue providing the context and the conditions needed for the PYP to thrive.
We celebrate this journey through every connection the learner makes, or an action he/she takes to make a difference in their own life or in the lives of others. We celebrate this journey with every educator seeking professional growth and initiating innovative and creative practice in his/her classroom. We also acknowledge the role of our team of educators who are certified by the IB to contribute to the implementation of the PYP in other schools in the region of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East as Workshop Leaders and School Visit Team Members. This wonderful journey continues as we are stepping into a new stage with our transition into the Enhanced PYP, which involves the whole school community in a cycle of reflection, collaboration, and action to build for the future of our learners.
Finally, we’d like to express our appreciation for the IB for providing trusted and timeless standards, as well as professional development opportunities that address the best approaches and pedagogies for schools to attain quality education; we thank all IBEN educators who have helped us write significant chapters in our story. We are also grateful to our team of PYP teachers who are converting the vision into reality, as they integrate the most effective strategies to cultivate the aspired cultures of learning in their classrooms. We’d also like to thank the parents for their trust and contribution to the educational experience of their children. We look forward to celebrating more milestones with them all! As we began with the student being the main reason behind it all, our deepest gratitude goes to our learners for being our source of inspiration, every day.
Thank you

Rasha Hammoud
IB PYP Coordinator