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Dive Deeply into your Future

27 Feb 2019

Searching for the best-fit university is a journey of self-discovery for our learners who will be taught to assess their university needs, skills, interests and long-term objectives. As a school committed to excellence, we have a tradition of providing an array of services that support our students in finding universities that truly match their learning needs and aspirations. We also believe that studying abroad is a great opportunity to get some of the best higher education in the world.
A UK mini-fair (November 8, 2018) that took place at HHHS was aimed at informing interested learners (Grades 10 – 12) about study opportunities in the UK. Studying in the UK offers an excellent education, internationally respected qualifications and outstanding career prospects. This fair was conducted in collaboration with Global Study UK, a London based educational consultancy specializing in student recruitment and support with their local office in Beirut. They have 64 partner universities in the UK. Representatives from more than 12 top universities across the UK attended the fair. Their visit was very promising and they have been supportive as they provided very good advice and guidance with university choices, program offers, financial aids and scholarships, UCAS and visa applications.
Education Basket Fair (December 18, 2018) was also held at our school campus in collaboration with Education Basket, a consultancy agency based in the Middle East and North Africa. Counsellors from this institution represented different universities across the world including North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many more participated and promoted their education mission at the fair. The day started with a presentation that focused on the benefits of studying abroad, basic entry requirement followed by one-on-one sessions with the counselors. This fair provided a wonderful opportunity to seek advice not only about a particular institution, but also to learn about actions that can be taken at this early stage in students’ lives to better prepare for their higher education.
Blom Shabeb – Career Fair (December 4, 2018), a program initially originated from BLOM BANK’s belief in Corporate Social Responsibility, aims to assist our students with proper guidance, helpful tips, and the right tools they will need to be on the right track of their career path. All our juniors took part in this fair at Palais de congres – Dbayeh. The program was designed to foster awareness of future career options as it facilitates age-appropriate career development for all our learners to assist with higher education decisions. This event was an enriching opportunity for our students to engage in back-and-forth conversations with experts from different fields in order to gain insight on the wide range of available professions and to discover the most suitable position in the job market at an early age.
Throughout these fairs, students were delighted to get along with representatives from different universities who may play an important role in admission. They made a meaningful connection with them and asked specific questions that invite a personal response and others questions relevant to their majors. Students were excited and said that such orientations will help make their decision-making easier.
We are confident that the fairs we organize are oriented to support students with variety of study abroad opportunities. They helped our learners differentiate themselves and make genuine connections, to make the idea of attending their dream university far more real.

Nadine Zeidan - University Adviser and Career Counselor