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Decoding a Restaurant Menu

18 Dec 2018

To many of us, eating at restaurants happens more often than not. The problem doesn’t exist in eating out but rather in what we eat at restaurants, taking into consideration that most of the offered meals contain lots of carbohydrates, fats, sugar, and salt that can lead to obesity, hypertension, and cholesterol issues. In an attempt to spread awareness among our learners, a workshop entitled HOW TO DECODE A RESTAURANT MENU was held with the help of the dietician, Rafah Issa, in order to help our learners read and decode menu descriptions and identify the meals that have hidden calories, high carbohydrates, or too much fat linked to health problems. Therefore, our learners were exposed to a general nutrition glance. Afterwards, they received well-known restaurant menus in which they usually like to eat at. They had then to pretend that they were in a certain restaurant and to order their meal, including dessert and a beverage. Furthermore, we discussed how to turn this meal into a healthier one with less harm to our health by asking the waiter for a few meal changes. Finally, a demonstration of cake making in a healthy way was done in front of the learners.

Hala Shaddad,
School Health Advisor,
Pre-school and Elementary Department.