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Apple Day

18 Dec 2018

 October 21st is the international APPLE DAY, which was first made an official event in Covent Garden, England on October 21, 1990 in an attempt to spread environmental awareness and to celebrate the commencement of autumn. This day has contributed to the development of farmers' markets and has encouraged people to look for more naturally sourced food. To celebrate this day at HHHS, learners were asked to demonstrate the importance of apples to our health and country. Hence, Grades 1 and 2 learners inquired into the benefits of apples; they brought homemade snacks that contain apples, whereas Grade 3 learners have inquired into the origin of apples, their types, their benefits on our health, the apple region in Lebanon, and the apple season. On the other hand, Grade 4-5 learners have inquired into the apple farmers’ market in Lebanon, the problems that this market faces, and the impact of the apple industry on the economy, proposing suggestions on how to solve apple industry problems in Lebanon. We were truly overwhelmed by the fabulous work that the learners have done and the enthusiasm they have showed, which turned that day into an educational apple celebration! Students’ work was proudly posted on the department’s entrance walls and bulletin boards.

Safaa El Yaman, teacher librarian
Hala Shadad, Elementary School Nurse