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A Change Indeed!

12 Dec 2018

What we really aspire from our learners in the real world is reflected in the classroom and its environment. As educators, we should monitor the students’ tensions and help in overcoming them. It is our role to make sure that our learners are provided with a safe environment that would allow acceptance of different views, persistence in actions, and enhancement of meaningful discussions, good communication, and flexibility. It is vital this year to make a change by trying to cater for a more flexible classroom as we are life-long learners seeking all opportunities of learning to serve what befits our learners and their well-being.

Math Corner: Give It a Shot!
Learners go to the math corner to explore or model numbers and shapes, practice skills, and enjoy exploring a variety of manipulative.

Classroom Library: “Reading Takes Us Places We’ve Never Been Before!”~Dr. Suess
This space is intended to be as cozy and small as it may seem in order not to take a lot of space, taking into consideration that the classroom size is small. The diverse stories and books are visible to students especially those by the window. The ones on the table are also set in a clear and catchy way where the titles are visible.

Flexible Seating: Towards a More Productive Classroom!
The purpose of having flexible seating is that it encourages greater collaboration among learners, fosters better communication skills, and allows learners to feel comfortable and calm. Some groups are designed to engage learners in small workshops, while others target presentation skills within a group. Learners’ seating is changed according to the needs and interests in each unit.
The mat is set in the middle of the classroom and in front of the smart board for several reasons. It is strongly encouraged to have “circle time” since it develops students’ listening skills where they feel safer and tend to participate more. “Storytelling” is also another aspect where students become more focused and less distracted, making them able to connect more with the story being told. Presentations or fun activities are also done on the mat.
Finally, we will by all means assist our learners to develop as critical and creative thinkers with a culturally sensitive global understanding of their world. We will ardently listen, communicate, and promote dialogue to the best of our ability. We will humbly assist, elicit assistance, and promote collaboration to the best of our ability. We will passionately lead, empower, and promote synergy to the best of our ability.

Nadia Bizri ~Grade Two Homeroom Educator