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17 March 2018

On March 17, 2018, a group of Math teachers attended SMEC 20 ,which was held at the AUB campus, where they shared their experiences through either attending or presenting workshops.
One of the workshops was “Training Today’s Students to Achieve Success in the Future”, it was presented by Mrs Dounia Sawan and Mrs Israa Fawaz. This workshop tackled the topic of how schools are shifting towards integrating technology by applying project-based learning, inquiry based learning and other learning strategies as a way of increasing engagement in the classroom. Participants were actively involved in interesting hands-on activities that enriched their understanding of creative thinking to develop the conceptual knowledge of many concepts in mathematics and its usages in other core subjects to eventually equip them with 21st century skills and meaningful experiences.

Dounia Sawan –Israa Fawwaz