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Life on Time!

26 March 2018

At HHHS, we aspire that both our teachers and learners experience lots of life’s precious moments. Bearing this in mind, the school nurse conducted several informative sessions under the title of “Life on Time” to all teachers and students in the Middle and Secondary School Divisions. Training both teachers and students on First Aid, which can truly make a difference in a patient's life, was the ultimate goal of these sessions that would help manage some of the medical emergencies, save one’s life, prevent further complications of an injury and promote recovery.
The teachers and the students benefited a lot from these sessions as they watched various educational videos about Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR, chocking and seizure that made them describe the importance of CPR and its impact on survival, the significance of an Automated external defibrillator AED, and the technique of relief of foreign- body airway obstruction. Moreover, they taught both teachers and students how to assess a situation, ensure safety, call emergency medical services, and deal with various emergencies and injuries like allergic reactions, seizures, burns, bleeding, broken bones and sprains.
Throughout the sessions, dazzling brochures about First Aid were distributed to show the procedures taken in case of fainting and sudden cardiac arrest. The major objective behind these sessions was to promote an enlightened community that encourages teachers and students to become prepared citizens, strong participants, and knowledgeable individuals that can better the society they live in.

Ohoud Afara
Middle and Secondary School Registered Nurse