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Grade 6 Skype Conference on “No Place like Home”

2 February 2015

The world of education has changed dramatically over the past few decades. The 21st century learners are empowered with several prominent characteristics, one of which is cultural awareness whereby students have become global citizens that appreciate and tolerate diversity. To enrich this concept and ensure an international mind-set, a Skype conference with the 6th graders of Chipping Sodbury School in Bristol- UK was held on the 21st of January. The target of this cross-cultural communication was to work on a partnership project entitled “No Place like Home” that tackles the effects of migration in general and the situation of refugees in various countries in particular. Our 6th graders were able to manage the psychological challenges that arise when someone tries to put cultural knowledge into action. During the conference, our students fluently spoke about the cultural traits of their beloved country and their second home, HHHS. They also shared their thoughts concerning the drawbacks of being obliged to leave home into another place. How rewarding this authentic experience was to our students! Not only did our students interact with students from Chipping Sodbury School via Skype, they also used the blog to write brief reflections about their experience and get more acquainted with the students from UK.

For further information, visit the following link of our blog:

Miss Hiba Kanbar – Grade 6 English Language Teacher