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LAU Annual Sciences and Arts Fair

14 April 2015

Starting November 25th, 2014, some high school students signed up to participate in LAU Sciences and Arts Fair. The registration closed on December 12th and nine teams were formed in eight different categories.
The assigned day was April the 2nd, our students went through a long day of concurrent and consecutive competitions that were but another proof of their great abilities in different fields, both curricular and extracurricular. This was crowned by winning the third place in philosophy, the first place in public speaking and the first place in drawing.
On top of all of that, we were granted the School of the Year Award in Arts! This was the fruit of the outstanding dedication, determination and ultimate self confidence that the contestants showed. Congratulations Daoud Zoya, Ghassan Bikaei, Rehab Baltaji, Walid Al Kotob and Mahassen Baalbaki. Congratulations to all the amazing teams who made us very proud!

Roweida Bawab
American System Biology and Chemistry Teacher