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From the memoirs of a delegate

“You have one minute left” said the proctor as I was writing my last words on the essay that brought me one step closer to achieving one of my biggest visions. One week of extensive research,-printing sheet after sheet, and reading articles followed. MUN-ers would have probably guessed what the next step is; yes a conference, but not any kind of conference. It is the kind that you consciously and unconsciously give every millisecond of your time, invest ever bit of your power, voice, and skills to prove not to others but to yourself that you are capable of speaking your mind regardless of possessing money, fame, or weapons. Eventually forty delegates, out of around a hundred forty from both LAU campuses, made it to a mock simulation through which we were assessed based on public speaking skills and how well one defends his position. It wasn’t luck this time that got me qualified to the final step, it was hard work darlings. Well, what do you expect? HHHS student always excel, don’t they? Right on the next day, I was sitting in a small room surrounded by five professional LAU members. One question after another, these five glazing at me expecting perfectionated answers, and perfect answers was what they got. On the same day, I got the last call and that was the only call I was waiting for. The only thing I remember is the word “congratulations” and feelings of excitement and pride diminished the sound of every other word that followed. I got accepted with five other students to the Global Outreach And Leadership Development Conference that was going to be held at the LAU headquarters in New York; yes, NEW YORK!
After a 6 hour-flight-delay, and an eleven-hour flight, we finally reached New York. And as soon as we departed the airport, raindrops smoothly kissed our cheeks and the air breeze gently gazed through our skin refreshing our souls. Yellow taxis, skyscrapers, bright city lights: the land of dreams it surely turned out to be. The conference we attended certainly enriched my knowledge and brought out hidden skills and abilities to surface. We asked and jotted down notes and enjoyed listening to every speaker throughout the conference. I was more than privileged to meet Sam Potallichio, one of the best public speaking trainers worldwide.
But this trip wasn’t only about filling my own ocean of knowledge, it also made me build friendships and meet people that turned out to share the same quality of thinking as I do, and I count this as a blessing. Allow me to be a bit cheesy now. This experience is deeply etched in my memory for the lovely moments we shared in times square, the chills we got after seeing the Statue of Liberty and this time not on TV but right in front of us, the entertainment we experienced at local diners and at the metro, and the laughs we shared on the 5th avenue. New York wouldn’t have been the same without these people. But most importantly, this whole involvement left a prodigious impact on my character and fulfilled my thirst of knowledge. The journey doesn’t end here for New York was one candle lightened in my pathway to triumph. Yes, MAL changed my life!

Student Sereen Salman - Grade 12