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Future Researchers Interacted with Dr. Harfouch via Skype and Inquired into Digital Divide

Though conducting research is considered a challenging experience to high school students, it is highly rewarding and advantageous since it enables students to embark on a sophisticated inquiry mission that sharpens their critical thinking skills on the personal and social levels. Under Unit 1 conceptual lens of “divide”, Grade 11 students have explored the historical aspects of divide in American literature, mastered online research skills and tracked a number of reliable primary and secondary resources to find credible answers to their inquiries on the current divide in the fields of education, social interactions, economy, and family ties. Aspiring authenticity and credibility, we held a Skype Conference with Dr. Antoine Harfouch, a Lebanese professor at Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense University and at Paris Dauphine University. It is worth mentioning that Dr Harfouch coordinates the Information Systems course at EDHEC (business school). He is considered an expert in the field of divide since he has recently conducted a research entitled “Antecedents of the Digital Divide in Lebanon”, so conferring him was valuable since he is a primary source that quenched our students’ thirst for knowledge. He supplied students with up-to-date information about their country and the world and raised many questions that motivated students to launch another journey of quest in order to attain deep understanding of the topics and come up with a research paper that reflects their profound knowledge and “inquisitive” profile.

Huda Kaeen and Zeina Dbouk- Grade 11 English Literature Teachers