Biology protein synthesis story
12 May 2015

“Biology”: a typical science subject, based on facts and reality, far away from imagination and creativity. Well… not this time, we were asked to write a STORY of protein synthesis starting from DNA. This seemed impossibly weird at the beginning, but ended up with a bunch of creative and interesting stories that were graded just as any other story. We are the 21st century’s students and this is how we shine not only in sciences but in almost every other thing;

Once upon a time, in the majestic kingdom of “cell”, lived “DNA”, in the nucleus, a two stranded molecule of A, T, G and C nitrogen bases and P,S attached by an H-bond. DNA worked as a cell dietitian in a special domain related to protein coding.
One afternoon, DNA had to find a way to reach the cytoplasm for its new job. However, it was impossible to pass the nuclear pore due to its size. DNA, thus, decided to ask her short, one stranded friend “RNA” for help. RNA was more than honored to help. She went to DNA to take the needed information. Meanwhile, DNA was preparing the needed information. DNA used helicase enzyme to break her H- bond and separate its super flexible cell-ish hands (strands), while RNA ate some polymerase to be able to do her work as a messenger RNA. mRNA is now ready for her trip, she said goodbye to DNA who was so thankful and pleased.
mRNA successfully passed the pores and reached the cytoplasm. On her way to the company in the center of cytoplasm, mRNA had to pass by the ribosomes that were attached to REP that day. However, at other days REP may be free made up of protein and mRNA. For cytoplasm security reasons, RNA was stopped and was forced to remove her messenger part. RNA felt cold and still has to walk through the cold streets of cytoplasm to accomplish her mission and please her beloved friend DNA. “I won’t let DNA down, I won’t give up!” RNA thought. She went to the lost and found zone and got a jacket “translator”. tRNA continued its way and accomplished her mission, she synthesized protein and cheered her best friend up.