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My son's visit to KGIB classroom


A Million thanks to my KGIB Learners….

Thank you my learners! You truly showed how much you care about me and my child specifically when I had to be absent for one-working day due to my 2-year old child’s sickness and hospital submission.
Honestly, I was so proud of my learners who came up with their own suggestions about how to show a caring attribute towards us, Mahmoud and me. Such suggestions were summed up and reflected through drawing colorful pictures, bringing cute gifts, visiting him at the hospital, sharing the responsibility of taking care of him and carrying him, or asking for Mahmoud’s presence in class to show compassion and make sure he was feeling better. Most of the suggestions were acted out.

Our learners were so ecstatic when Mahmoud visited their class as a reward for their love and care. He spent an enthusiastic day with our learners playing with balloons and dancing to some funky music. They also enjoyed the gifts Mahmoud brought to play with within their classroom centers as a token of appreciation. As it was time to leave and say goodbye, my son distributed some colorful neckties to our learners as a memory for this special day .Frankly speaking , and unexpectedly, my learners’ initiation and actions were considered to be a step to develop friendship relationships on a higher scale with their own surroundings.

Nada Nassar & Maya Barbir (KGI “B” Teachers)

Show and tell about the gifts
Receiving gifts, kisses, and love
Dancing to Funky Music
Getting to know each other
Pre-visit Preparation
Playing with Balloons
kids playing with gifts received
Mahmoud checking welcoming charts prepared by kids
Receiving more gifts brought by kids
Previsit Preparation - drawing colorful pictures
Distributing Mahmoud's Necktie

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