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Little authors
In the spirit of providing little learners with multiple opportunities of creativity out of belief in their ability to go over and beyond the immediate learning experience, our KGII learners were engaged in an extending reading comprehension activity.
After 6 weeks of listening to different stories under the theme “How We Express Ourselves”, we read to the learners the story “A Cat In The Tree” and withheld the ending. Then, we asked them to play the role of the authors and the illustrators to come up with an ending for that story, write it, and draw it. The outcome of the activity was very rewarding and revealed the attributes of the Risk Taker profile in many of the students who produced innovative conclusions and used new words to express them in their own way. For example: “dad fol don, the abulan kam to hr and tik hm to the hsptl”.

Monifa Baba

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