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عيد الاستقلال في قسم الروضات
Chamsine Corner
Ms.Nada behind the silhoutte
Mrs. Rola wearing the lebanese crown
Mrs.Dina & Ms. Nada
Mrs.Rania's facial paint
Army practicing
Elementary Art Teacher Helping!
Fashionable Army outfit
Flag on a cheek
Friends celebrating
It's Me
Kids' Preparation
Mommy's Independence day cupcake celebration
preparing the facial paint corner
Proud to be Lebanese 1
Strong and brave
thank you Mom for coming!
the 3 brothers
Zaayter Triplets
Nursery A marching 4
KG II A marching 7
GS marching 2
GS marching 4
KG II C marching 10
KG II C marching 4
KG II B marching 10
Nursery B marching 4
KG II C raising lebanese flag
MS raising lebanese flag 2
Nursery A marching 1
Nursery B marching 3
PS marching 2
KG II A marching 2
Nursery B marching 2
Nursery B marching 1
Ms raising lebanese flag
KG II C marching 1
MS marching 1
KG I A marching 4
KG I C marching 5
KG II A marching 8
KG I A marching 3
Kids marching
Nursery C marching 1
PS marching 3
KG II A marching 9
Nursery A marching 3
PS preparing for marching
parents preparing breakfast 4
parents sharing in facial paint 2
Parents preparing breakfast 7
Parents preparing breakfast 6
Parents preparing breakfast 5
Parents waiting  for the military show 5
Parents waiting  for the military show 4
Parents chatting 3
Parents waiting for Markouk  1
Parents waiting  for the military show 1
parents taking photos
Parents preparing breakfast 2
Parents preparing breakfast 3
Parents chatting 2
Parents chatting 1
Ms. Noor's facial paint (Small)
Mrs.Nada N. & Ms.Moni dancing dabkeh 1 (Small)
Mrs. NadaR.& Ms.Reem (Small)
Mrs. Rana & Ms. Moni wearing the  Lebanese custume (Small)
Mrs .Nada N. (Small)
Ms. Rawan A. preparing breakfast (Small)
Mrs. Siza & Mrs. Abeer (Small)
Ms. Wafaa (Small)
Mrs. Abeer  & Ms. Noor (Small)
Ms. Rawan doing facial paint for kids (Small)

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