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“The more the students become involved in the learning process, the more they learn.”

The quality of education teachers tend to provide for their students is highly dependent on the teachers’ various methods of instruction and their profound knowledge of the students’ learning styles and potentials.
Based on this conception, we, Grade 6 Mathematics teachers, implemented the strategy of cooperative learning into one of our units. We designed different tasks that could enhance the students’ learning of the concept. Throughout the whole monitored process, we realized that students were entirely engaged and highly interactive in all of the assigned activities.
Below are a few of the skills that were integrated in our plans:

 Guiding and assigning students’ roles within a group.
 Modeling and implementing specific strategies for problem- solving.
 Building team spirit, such as establishing trust, teaching members how to support each other, etc.

Eventually, we gathered data and reflected on our work. We came out with the fact that updating the way we teach is an enduring professional concern.

Mathematics Teacher: Israa Fawaz
Intermediate Department

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