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3rd Global Classroom-LAU MUN Middle School Conference '13

"Let us acknowledge and celebrate what youth can do to build a safer, more just world. Let us strengthen our efforts to include young people in policies, programmes and decision-making processes that benefit their futures and ours."

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon message on International Youth Day, 12 August 2010
For the third year, our school has participated in the third Global Classroom –LAU MUN Middle School Conference. The seven middle school delegates for this year – Hisham Fares, Karim Dimassi, Rami Zibawi, Natalie Sabbagh, Nada Sous, Jana Bsat and Randa Ramlawi- got to experience the power of representing Canada in the final conference after going through intensive training sessions in LAU , Beirut Campus. The sessions mainly revolved around preparing the students regarding the parliamentary procedures and the debate protocols followed in a United Nations assembly.

Usually students get intimidated by this idea especially that they have to role play international ambassadors who tackle global issues and complications in an attempt to reach global resolutions. Nonetheless, the outcome , no matter how grueling and tedious it might seem, turns out self-rewarding on the academic, as well as on the personal level.

Since this year's theme was "Dream, Do, Be", three simple words that carry within them the power for a "more just world" as Ban Ki Moon announced in the above lines, students get to live a dream that provides power to alter the world into a better place. As they live this dream, they experience global notions and ideas from different perspectives, shedding the skin of previous prejudices and dogmas. HHHS students proved to be quite flexible and open-minded towards such different perspectives and that was culminated by winning four prestigious awards in the final conference that was held on March 2 and 3 in both Byblos and Beirut Campuses of LAU .

Hisham Fares, a delegate and a winner of the Secretary General award for this year, shares his reflection about the whole experience:

A great writer once said, “A human’s life is nothing but a book, in which he carves in it his most cherished memories.” Well, for me, the opportunity of being a delegate who has believed in the messages of the United Nations’ stimulation, of peace, unity, commitment and responsibility was a key to unlock another huge and challenging chapter in my life.
Throughout 5 training sessions and a two- days final Conference, I have gained a lot. Other than acknowledging information and mastering some skills which I am now passing to my classmates, I have gained long-lasting friendships with people I haven’t known before and the chance to be an effective part in a huge and wonderful organization ,in which more than 1,600 students from all over Lebanon are competing with each other.
I am grateful for every second spent on coming up with speeches and rehearsing them, drafting resolutions, writing and submitting position papers ; if I am not, maybe I wouldn’t have won. Of course, winning an award was an amazing thing that words in all languages couldn’t yet describe, but what made my experience worth the effort was the chance to undergo it with my friends, as we shared jokes, laughed and cherished one of the best moments in our lives. Consequently, what seems to you to be the end of our journey as MUNers, to me is the beginning of a flourishing, vivid and challenging chapter in my book.


Hiba Chamandi
English Language Teacher and MUN Advisor

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