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How responsible are They?

A wise man once said: “What we call our destiny is truly our character. All the people are responsible for their actions and attitudes. We all believe that opportunity and responsibility go hand in hand, so we all must act to that principle so that we can promote our character and destiny.”
Responsibility, challenge and relationships, were the three concepts that were tackled in the first English unit. Our unit question was: ”How do people face their challenges and responsibilities in their relationships?” Students were asked to take the role of journalists who will research and report the challenges of responsible figures in the society and interpret their level of responsibility in overcoming the obstacles that their job entitles
Students’ said,” We were supposed to interview parents, teachers, principals, students, engineers, etc. who are well known as responsible figures in the society. We did the task and asked them what things they are responsible for, how they view responsibility, what the challenges they face are, and what are the consequences that would result if they were irresponsible. After that, we had to compile findings and analyze them using Excel bar graphs. We were divided into several groups of two. Each group chose a figure in the society to test their responsibilities, challenges and relationships in the local community in order to rate their level of responsibility in overcoming their own challenges in life, and also, to examine the way they communicate with the people in society.
Each group prepared a questionnaire with the help of our English teachers. Each group member collaborated with his/her partner to ask the figure they chose. After all the questionnaires were filled, bar charts were made a survey report with analysis and recommendations were written. At last, each group presented what its members have done in class. The results weren’t that good.
The results were so shocking and devastating. The doctors we interviewed weren’t found responsible enough in their work. They don’t confess errors and they refused to communicate of to fill the questionnaires. The doctors who were collaborative are those student- doctors who are still paving their way in the field. This shows that our doctors don’t know how or refuse to communicate with their patents.
We also discovered that hair dressers, for instance, need to increase their standards of hygiene. As for students, we found out, to our surprise that the older students are, the less responsible they are. Upon filling the same questionnaires in secondary and middle classes, we found that middle school students are more responsible in their studies than high school students. Moreover, maniciplity members are so responsible for things that are directly relevant to their personal or family benefits. Their responsibilities and priorities are chosen according to personal privileges which show how reckless they are when it comes to people’s general well being.
The most responsible figures we interviewed are teachers showed that they were dedicated to their students despite al challenges. Chiefs were also responsible. And finally waiters, most of which were educated are also responsible and can face the challenges they encounter upon dividing their time between work and university.
This was a very amazing experience that benefited everyone and will always be remembered. It made us more responsible and made us people who are willing to improve their profile to be responsible figures in the society now and later.”

Written by: Grade Eight students
Supervised by: Zeina Dbouk and Huda Kaeen

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