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The PYP Exhibition, Every Learner’s Favorite

In my role as a Grade Five Homeroom Teacher, I work passionately to plan and implement Exhibition units of inquiry. This time of the year is my favourite, as I see evidence of students exhibiting the attributes of the IB Learner Profile that have been developed throughout their engagement with the PYP. I also see the students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community united by a collaborative experience that incorporates the essential elements of the program.
One of the features of the PYP Exhibition is for students to synthesize the aspects of all six transdisciplinary themes and the essential elements of the PYP. One way to think about this is to see the learning that takes place within every unit of inquiry since nursery. All sorts of learning used to be the pillars on which all planning for future teaching take place. It has almost been the students’ essential knowledge, skills, concepts, attitudes and action are set into practice. The PYP Exhibition is the culmination of the entire PYP program. The PYP Exhibition unit reveals evidence to the school, as to whether or not the students are growing into internationally-minded learners who strive to display the IB Learner Profile attributes and practice and apply the five essential elements of the program. It is an authentic, student-led, and processed action that makes a difference in the local community.
How can we make connections between previous learning from POI units and the Exhibition unit? One effective way, we ‘tuned’ students into different local and global issues by getting them through local newspapers and inspirational videos. In addition, they referred to their previous learning displayed in the school program of inquiry. Add to this that our exhibits have been reflecting on the process in every unit of inquiry, as well as on what and why they are learning. This metacognition left the students with an extensive list of possible PYP Exhibition issues to further explore environmental issues, rights of a child, substance dependence, and other issues related to “Sharing the Planet”.
The PYP Exhibition is about students selecting their own issue, based on some prior learning that they would like to ‘take further’ because they are passionate about making a real difference. This was due to an invitation to learning by sharing the PYP umbrella central idea:
We are an inquiring community trying to resolve global issues by taking action locally.
It is extremely important that the PYP Exhibition is a process where students are engaged in a collaborative and student-led, in-depth inquiry. If students select issues they are passionate about, they are more likely to solve problems that are meaningful to them and make a real difference.
How can students take action as a result of their learning?
My other passionate area is that students get the opportunity to choose appropriate courses of action ‘based on need’ and have time to plan for them and carry them out. What matters about action that it has to be student-initiated rather than teacher-initiated. Taking action is part of what makes a PYP Exhibition unit different than a research project on a selected topic. We need to free up the units so that we don’t spend the whole time researching and writing up our findings. Every child should have the opportunity to ‘take action’ that really makes a difference, and where possible, a sustainable difference!
Our school sees ‘action’ as an equal PYP essential element. That is why, as a Grade Five teacher, I don’t need to spend hours explaining it in the final year because they already have a framework for action.

Rola Hallak

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