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PYP workshop 3-5 years in the PYP
Hosted by Vienna international school
Vienna, Austria
From Thursday 10 till Saturday 12 March, 2011

It was a great honor for us as teachers ,Rana Khaled ,Rima Assi, Samah Shbeib and Randa Dahshe to share our understanding of inquiry with a number of teachers coming abroad from different countries ِ ( Austria , Singapore , Switzerland , Germany , Finland, Denmark, Turkey , Lebanon , Azerbaijan, Russia , Portugal and Sweden ) having different perspectives. During the workshop, we had the opportunity to view, discuss and share different pictures, assessment tools, portfolios and programs of inquiry with them. Moreover, the presenters shared their rich experiences and deep critical thinking about many crucial and global educational issues that we are dealing with nowadays. Beside this, we enjoyed the wealthy cultural and stunning nature of Vienna and Baden.
Thank you our school for giving us this experience that we really appreciate.
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