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Just before spring vacation, the KG 2 children finally got there reward after having been principled and attentive for a long time. When it was announced that their reward will be going to the mall to watch a movie and having lunch at "Crepaway", excitement and contentment filled the classroom. When the day of the children's trip arrived, one can see their optimism and high hopes in spending a great day at the mall. Upon the children's arrival to their destination, one could see the enthusiasm rising and the children's eyes widening as they walked up to the doors of the theater. They looked as if they just won the jackpot. They got to watch an entertaining movie called " Hop" which was all about the dreams of the Easter bunny. The children sure had some laughs. After having their lunch, the children were driven back to school. However, the excitement did not stop there. In the classroom, they were all busy talking about their favorite parts in the movie and what an awesome day they had which truly showed their contentment and satisfaction with the wonderful day they spent.

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