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The Makassed Islamic Philanthropic Society in Saida

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The document of The Makassed Islamic Philanthropic Society was issued in Saida in Rabih Thani 1296 Hegria. Twenty days after the issue of the document, the first Makassed School was established in jamadi Al'Awal 25, 1296 under the name of the "Charitable School for Boys" and few months afterwards the second school "the Charitable School for Girls" was established.

Then other Makassed schools were established such as "aisha Oum Al Mo'menin", "Al Hamidieh school for Boys", "Al Hamidieh school for girls" in May 1896, "Al Fayadiah School for Boys", "Al Fayadiah School for girls" in March 1901, "Al Mahmodiah School for Boys", "Al Mahmodiah School for Girls" in 1902, "The Atfal School for boys", "The Atfal School For Girls" in 1902, "The Makassed High School for Girls", and "Dawhat Al Makassed".

In 1993 the deceased Haj Bahaa'eddin Al Hariri donated a vast piece of land in Al Sharhabil to establish the academy of the Makassed Schools. Then Deputy Bahya Al Hariri placed the foundation stone. After that President Rafic Al Hariri announced the establishment of "Houssam Hariri High School" on November 3, 1995.


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