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Esteemed Advisors, Honorable Guests and Fellow Delegates,
It is our utmost pleasure and delight, as the 6th HHHSMUN team, to bid you all a fair
أهلاً و سهلاً،Bienvenue, Добро пожаловат, 欢迎, Bienvenido and Welcome in all the six languages of the United Nations to the 6th Houssam Hariri High School Model UN conference.
MUN 10 years ago is not what it is today. Within the span of merely a decade, the propensity of hosting a Model UN conference has widely spread as dozens of schools and universities across the nation and the globe have sought to launch their own MUN program. Hence, typing that 3 letter-word on Google, one doubtlessly concludes that what was once a unique stimulation of UN negotiations has turned into a TRADITION practiced annually by more than 100,000 institution worldwide and a culture by itself adopted by millions. In short, MUN has gone viral and like "LASER, IQ, ID and Ph.D", MUN has developed from merely an abbreviation to a concept standing by itself. However going viral doesn't mean getting more effective. With the sharp rise in the number of MUN programs, the host institutions have focused more on how to make each respective conference different and unique than the others. Frankly, while doing so, the programs' center of attention has gradually deviated from Content to Glamor.
In HHHSMUN, we don't target to dazzle and sparkle our program, rather we seek to convey the true aim behind hosting a Model UN conference, to extend the messages of the United Nations of peace, negotiation, diplomacy and SOLIDARITY. Our sole purpose in HHHSMUN is not merely to echo the principles of the UN for two days, rather our goal lies in translating these universal and abstract messages to domestic and concrete concepts backed up by real life, inspirational and memorable experiences to which HHHSMUN will expose you.
While the art of negotiation and diplomacy will be successfully practiced during the conference sessions, HHHSMUN launches this year its very first "Hands On" project aiming to spread the concept of Solidarity which happens to be our own theme this year. The project's title says it all "Hands On". Such an activity ensures that the resolutions issued during an MUN conference don't go to waste. It assures us, as a Model UN team and as 21st century learners that wide scale intentional resolutions do actually begin with national and communal actions. What is important is that the latter project guarantees not only temporary cohesion and unity between delegates, but renders the MUN program the sustainability and continuity it needs to truly inspire change.
Change doesn't occur without solidarity, for it is solidarity that enlightens citizens, alters their perception of life, widens their horizons, calls them to unite and supercharges them with the motivation to dissent, act and change. Julius Ceaser once said: " Veni, Vidi, Vici : I came, I saw, I conquered". In HHHSMUN, our theme drives us to say instead: "We came, We saw and We changed"...
On behalf of the entire MUN team, I wish you a blissful and fruitful MUN conference hoping that you would truly grasp the concepts and principles the United Nations and HHHSMUN target. In other words, as a team, we hope that by the end of this conference, you would not ONLY motion for caucuses and debate sessions, but rather you would be motivated enough to take yourself, as MUNer, a 21st century young leader and a passionate human being, to the next level by advocating for Solidarity, aiding your fellow man and motioning for Action and Change.

Secretary General of the 6th HHHSMUN,
Hisham Fares



- Guide HHHS MUN November 26-27 2016


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