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8th HHHSMUN Conference
8-9 December 2018
- Secretary General Note -

Secretary General Note

“Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace.” – Kofi Annan

Esteemed Advisors, Notable Guests, appreciated HHHSMUN Team, and our most valued delegates,

 Welcome to the 8th Annual International Houssam Eddine Hariri High School Model United Nations Conference. As the Secretaries General of HHHSMUN, we have long-awaited to launch our eighth MUN conference tackling the most vital and occurring troubles the world faces today.

Regarding the history of our school’s reputable MUN Program, ever since it started in 2010, it has been a continuous chain of development and legacy. Having blossomed from a one-day local program into a two-day international conference, HHHSMUN encompasses a diverse range of topics and committees, delegates of all levels, and outstanding team members working hard to ensure a comfortable and professional atmosphere for the delegates throughout all the annual conferences.

Resilience: (n.) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; the ability to spring back into shape (New Oxford American Dictionary). After “stopping the clock” to reflect in the 7th HHHSMUN, we now have realized that it is our time as the powerful youth to rebel against harsh reality. Every year, our MUN revolves entirely around a general theme that depicts our vision and our goals into one word or phrase. For the 8th HHHSMUN, “Resilience” is the center of the orbit that all our committees revolve around. From malnutrition, refugee crises, illiteracy, gender inequality, civil wars, to the threat of nuclear outbreaks, and war crimes, it is time to put an end to this continuous loop of inhumanity and crises. As Lebanese citizens, we get to experience daily the threat of it all, we are bordered by 2 countries in constant war and conflict. We are a 10,452 km2 that hosts more people than what is possible, a country which has been facing an onslaught of diseases, terrorist attacks and environmental crises. We, the youth, are our country’s and world’s only hope to heal from all the sickness that has poisoned them. Resilience embodies the weapon we need to hold to fight for the prosperity of every child, the rights of every person of any background, the equality between genders, the peace between countries, and the overall tranquility of the planet. Of course, we are not the first people to initiate such an act of resilience against all the chaos we’re bombarded with; there are many countries, organizations and movements that are paving the world’s path towards harmony and equality. However, we have seen it time and time again as many people are obstructed from falling into this path of equal pay, equal rights, obtaining basic human needs, and most importantly peace. In 2016, The United Nations has adopted “Leaving No One Behind” as its commitment for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal Agenda after Member States regarded that the differences between people (age, ethnicity, sex…) dictate the rate of their development and privileges. Hence, for HHHSMUN, we are responsible to ensure that no one is left behind in our mission of peace and equality and that the fire of liberty roams through our resolutions. It is our ultimate goal to reach a fully inclusive world: “just, equitable, tolerant, open, and socially inclusive world in which the needs of the most vulnerable are met.” (Ensuring that no one is left behind: Envisioning an inclusive world in 2030, 2016)

This motif will harmonize all our committees together. This year, we have a total of 11 committees in three different languages: English, Arabic, & French, operating in harmony to tackle a variety of issues and striving to come up with specific and reasonable resolutions strong enough to spring back the world into shape stripped of all the troubles. In order to do so, delegates need to follow the three principles supplied by the UN or as we like to call them “The Three E’s”: Examine, Engage, and Empower. Search for facts and statistics regarding the topic you’re tackling and get fully acquainted with all its dimensions, propose creative and sustainable solutions, and strive to reach the furthest behind and the unprivileged with your actions. Once you step a foot on our campus, YOU are no longer a student, but rather than that you are delegate of a country. YOU are the echo of millions of unheard voices and the mirror of their needs. Our committees have been prepped with fully capable and responsible dais members to navigate you on the right track throughout this roller-coaster if a conference. Strap your belts on, delegates, because it will be a very exciting ride!

From here on, as girls of many words, we have no words to describe our utmost excitement and enthusiasm for the upcoming conference that YOU delegates will commence with. The world won’t make us live any easier, yet it will make us more resilient. So remember to give this conference your all. All what we expect from this conference as Secretaries General is to hopefully plant the seed of resilience in your minds so that we can grow a strong healthy generation of Leaders for Lebanon and the World.

On a last note, learn not to yield your time for words, but yield it for action and never forget to motion for change.

Your devoted Secretaries General,

Rawan Habli & Yana Nassar

Rawan Habli
& Yana Nassar

Secretaries General



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