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Stop the Clock

7th Annual Conference
25 - 26 November 2017
- Secretary General Note -

Secretary General Note

Honorable Guests, Esteemed Advisors and Fellow Delegates,

It is of great pleasure to welcome you to the 7th annual Houssam Eddine Hariri High School Model United Nations aiming to cultivate the ongoing generation in the world of politics, diplomacy, and negotiation.

HHHSMUN a couple years ago wasn’t what it is today, and having personally encountered the improvement of our conference being elevated from an enclosed simulation to the first ever international conference in Saida only adds to our honor; to stand before you today representing the 7th HHHSMUN as the Secretary Generals. Time is the key; time has always been the key as we battle hardship together as a team to nothing but instigate passion in the hearts of our delegates and inspire knowledge in our guests, grazing perfection as the years go by.

(Though) Time does heal imperfections as the MUN Family seeks progression, but when the world has reached the peak of uncertainty, it is best to take a step back. It is necessary to “Stop the Clock” in a time where the pace has been lost far beyond our control. It is necessary to take our time to renovate and reciprocate in a world that needs to hold on to every shred of hope it has left. Today, time is our enemy. So let us press pause at political injustice, press pause at poverty, racism, and illiteracy. Let us stop the spread of false truth, for it is as a cruel disease possessing the leaders of today. So stop, not rewind, not accelerate, but stop. It is our time to look at the world in our purest eyes, our time to observe and criticize the abundance of loss we are experiencing. We must set our feet down at the hands of the clock and never let go; to look at the bigger picture in slow motion, reflect on the past so we can shape a better future. We must welcome change in open arms and freeze frame dictators and dictatorship.

It is time for our delegates to feel like they are a part of something bigger, something worth the fight. It is time for all our members to realize that they, like any other, are in charge of the remote control; able to pause, observe, analyze, and innovate. Time always finds a way to seep from under our control, but as delegates, as members taking the initiative to grasp the concept of time, we must never let go of it. We can make time our best friend if only we knew how to control its parts. Let us “Stop the Clock” on hypocritical leaders promising what they can never fulfill. When we stop, we allow ourselves to perceive our surroundings with hopes of making it better.

Thus, launching the “Hands On” program for our second year, we vow to get our hands dirty for the sole purpose of making our world a better place, as cliché as it sounds. This program unleashes the words you write on your resolution to locally recognized actions giving you an upper hand in the concept of change and community service. As Barak Obama once said, “We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it” where the so-called “here” is in-between the walls of the HHHSMUN conference having the sky as our limit.

It is our oath to promise you, enlightened delegates, a fairly organized conference focusing on illuminating the bulbs of your minds with hope, so the energy from that hope lights up the world one bulb at a time. Let your energy be the change you want to see in the world, for it is our last shred of hope enabling us to eradicate the worst on occurring events some of us still experience every single day.

As the Secretary Generals of this year’s conference our duty is to guarantee a splendid experience for each and every member participating in the event, national and international. We welcome you with open hands and open hearts hoping you experience the heat of a successful conference whilst making friends throughout your journey in simulating world leaders. Our doors are fully open for your wildest ideas as you will learn not only to motion for a caucus, rather motion for change.

The Secretary Generals of the 7th HHHSMUN,

Nadine Kawash and Mahmoud Al Baba



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