Breaking the Barriers

9th HHHSMUN Conference

- Secretary General Note -

Secretary General Note

Esteemed Advisors, Notable Guests, our most valued delegates,

I, Sabine El Baba, the Secretary General of this year’s MUN, am thrilled to welcome you to the 9th Annual Houssam Eddine Hariri High School Model United Nations Conference. Four years ago, I was just as nervous as you are while reading this note.

I was only 13 years old when I first decided to indulge in the world of Model United Nations. It all started when I decided to challenge myself and try something new.

Grade 8 was my first shot at MUN and luckily I did not miss. Just as any of you my heart raced faster as I approached the podium, my legs couldn’t stand still not even for a second, and my clammy palms couldn’t but slip off of the podium.

However, one MUN later those feelings were replaced with the feeling of excitement to approach the podium. I consider my MUN journey packed with accomplishments since I was able to attend over 13 conferences in just 3 years and win a couple of them. I’m the person that doesn’t usually settle which means that my MUN journey didn’t settle too. Not only did I participate in national conferences but also international ones. MUN took me to the cities of London and Amman, and I’m thankful that I was granted such opportunities to enhance my MUN career. In addition to the above, I was both a chair and a trainer twice and a president in my last MUN.

“After “Resilience” and recovering in the 8th HHHSMUN, we have decided this year to sum up all our visions and goals into the theme “Breaking the Barriers”. As Nelson Mandela once said, “We can change the world and make it a better place.

It is in your hands to make a difference”. That’s why we need you this year to break all the barriers blocking our way towards change, all the barriers that keep us silent towards injustice, all the barriers that have created fear inside of us.

This year we have to believe in ourselves and in the fact that we have the power to change our sad reality. And personally, I believe that attending conferences and forming resolutions are small steps that pave the way to forming a fair, lively, and graceful world bringing prosperity and security to each individual.”

-Ghia Zaatar & Mohammad Sabea Ayoun (SGs of the previous 8th HHHSMUN)

During the past few years, different issues have taken over the world. We, as the 9th HHHS MUN team, like to view those issues as barriers that should be broken. The corona virus outbreak, global hunger, the spreading wars, and the increasing economic crises around the world are all barriers that we should destroy. Unfortunately, our global leaders failed to break those barriers and solve those issues. For that, we believe that it is our responsibility to solve those problems.

To break the corona virus barrier, we decided to take our international conference virtual. As for the other barriers, it’s up to you delegates to find resolutions to break them through participating in our 9th HHHS MUN conference.

In order to meet all of the delegates’ expectations and interests, we have included a total of 7 committees for this year’s MUN in three different languages: English, French, and Arabic. Our English committees are the United Nations Security Council (SC), United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), and two United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization committees (FAO). As for the French committee, it is Le Sommet du G20. Our Arabic committee is “.

الجمعية العامة الرابعة “لجنة المسائل السياسيّة الخاصة وإنهاء الاستعمار

All of the above listed committees aim to break the barriers. For that to be accomplished, delegates are expected to represent their countries in the best way possible, debate, and write different resolutions with various applicable solutions.

In light of the above, I believe that this conference will be a platform where you, as delegates, can express yourselves in light of the overwhelming events occurring around the globe. I am beyond thrilled to see your faces and hear voices regardless of the miles separating us.Coronavirus barrier down multiple others to go!

Your thrilled Secretary General,

Sabine El Baba

Sabine El Baba

Secretaries General



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