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The greatest wealth is health - Preschool

1 December 2016



“The greatest wealth is health.”
Authentic learning is real life learning. It engages all the senses allowing learners to create a meaningful, useful, shared outcome; encouraging them to create a tangible, useful product to be shared in their world.

Under the theme “Who we are”, KG3 learners inquired into how “the choices people make affect their health and well-being”. Through interacting, manipulating, exploring, collaborating, discussing, and sharing of meaningful reasons, the learners deepened their understanding of the concept of causation, reflection, and responsibility.

In the performance task, the learners decided to invite pre-school teachers to enjoy having a healthy breakfast in their classroom. As educators, we provided our learners with the opportunity of shopping in the supermarket to connect directly with the real world. They confidently bought the breakfast list they previously decided on, after reflecting back on the one they wrote at the beginning of the unit, to have a healthy, balanced breakfast. During the breakfast, the learners independently reminded the teachers to wash their hands before and after eating, and they were proud to show them the healthy breakfast they prepared.
KG3 “B” Homeroom Teachers
Rawan Khalifeh & Monifa Baba

أغنية " علم بلادي"



أغنية " علم بلادي"

تأدية تلاميذ الصف الأول الأساسي من ثانويّة حسام الدين الحريري
كلمات: رانية الزعتري وأماني عواضة
ألحان: غادة نحولي
توزيع: باسم عيسى

تصوير : هبة البزري

IB PYP Inquiry Workshop - Elementary School

29 November 2016



On October 29-30-2016, the primary department educators participated in a two day IB PYP In-School workshop. The workshop was significant learning and training opportunity as it focus on selected programme issues and strategies. It was facilitated by three IB PYP workshop leaders, who brought with them a wealth of knowledge on the subject of inquiry in the primary years.
During the first part of the workshop, we examined what inquiry is in the primary years and how the IB defines it. We also explored different teaching strategies to be used through inquiry-based learning, strategies that can be used for provocation, assessment, and as a method to move from structured to open inquiry.
Teachers also worked on exploring the different types of inquiry and how, where, and why each model is used. They were also engaged in readings concerning the learning environment, school community, actions, and the needs of the 21st century learner.
By reviewing certain practices from “What effective Inquiry Teachers do” – Macro Techniques, and The Inquiry Cycle by Kath Murdoch, teachers were able to obtain a deeper understanding on how to make learning visible and how these practices can support us to achieve the goals of the PYP 5 essential elements.
The workshop was a real experience of Inquiry and the workshop leaders applied most of the strategies they suggested to enrich our knowledge and to leave us, most importantly, with new inquiries.

Elementary Department
Hiba Bizri - Visual Art Teacher

مقاصديون لوطن واحد - School Activities

24 November 2016



When Generations Meet Half Way - Preschool

23 November 2016



“Plantation” was a common goal for two departments in our school community; the preschool department and the high school department. The preschool department was handling the unit concerning this topic “Plants”, under the theme” Sharing the Planet”, and covering various aspects; as for grade 11 learners, they were simultaneously working on a learning community service project. Their role was to mentor our KGII inquirers throughout the 4th unit. At first, we were a bit worried about the interaction between these two different generations. Yet after their first encounter, our worries just vanished. Grade 11 learners showed high sense of responsibility and willingness from the minute they set foot in the classroom. They even tried reading them stories and guiding some of our engagements. Our learners got used to their presence each Saturday and were always eager to work with them. It’s now safe to say that this experience was a truly successful one and we’re waiting eagerly for next year.
Darine Yassine
English Homeroom Teacher

ذكرى الاستقلال - Preschool

21 November 2016



احتفل قسم الروضات في ثانويّة حسام الدين الحريري بذكرى الاستقلال يوم السبت الواقع في 19/11/2016 وذلك من خلال أنشطة متنوّعة. فاستُقبل التلاميذ صباحًا بالأناشيد والأغاني الوطنيّة وتزيّنوا بلباسهم العسكري وثيابهم الفلكلوريّة. ومن ثمّ دخلوا إلى صفوفهم بمشاركة معلّماتهم ملوحين بالأعلام اللّبنانيّة. بعد ذلك، شاهدوا فيلمًا وثائقيًّا تعرّفوا من خلاله إلى المهام التي يقوم بها الجيش وإلى أهمّيّة الاستقامة والانتماء إلى الوطن.
وتتابعت الأنشطة في ذلك اليوم المميّز في ساحة المبنى من أداء "المارش العسكري" وترداد النشيد الوطني اللّبنانيّ ونشيد المقاصد، وصولًا إلى الفطور اللّبنانيّ اللّذيذ. بعدها، زرع تلامذة الروضات شجر الأرز في حديقة المدرسة. واختتمت الاحتفالات بنشاطات صفّيّة تنمّي روح التعاون وتوضح معنى الاستقلال.
كلّ عام ووطننا الحبيب لبنان يعمّه الأمن والسلام، كلّ عام وثانويّة حسام الدين الحريري تسعى إلى تربية أجيال تحبّ الوطن.
ثروت بعاصيري - مديرة قسم الروضات

The Enhanced Venting Time - Middle School

12 November 2016



While many realize that learners need instruction in literacy and numeracy, teachers may not be aware that spoken language skills can, and should, be directly taught to learners. The implicit belief that the subtle skills of active listening and reasoned speaking will develop simply through children's involvement in whole class and small group dialogues is predominant. That might be true to a certain degree, but all learners can highly benefit from their exposure to good scenarios of speaking and listening. In an attempt to ensure that notion, “Venting Time” experience has been introduced to English Language classrooms, where a number of students deliver a one-minute speech on a pre-assigned prompt at the beginning of each session. However, during the implementation of “Venting Time”, I have noticed that some listeners tend to be passive or get bored while listening to a speech, especially those delivered by unskilled speakers. In order to bridge that gap, it was time to take “Venting Time” to the next level. Through adopting and adapting the concepts of Toastmasters, a non-profit organization developing public speaking and leadership skills, speakers receive constructive feedback not only from their instructor, but from their classmates as well. Through taking on new roles, the once passive listeners are now involved in the learning process, developing time-management, vocabulary, grammar, critical listening and evaluation skills.

Mostapha Harb- Middle School English Language teacher

Away from Mechanical life, a Hiking Experience to Barouk Cedar Reserve - High School

29 October 2016



Bonding IB students from different schools is very significant for mingling and sharing life experiences. Accordingly, HHHS –as a school candidate for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme - participated in the joint hiking experience organized by the Association of IB World Schools in Lebanon and the CAS coordinator at American Community School in Beirut. Below are some of our prospective IBDP students’ thoughts:
“This risk-taking experience was an experience of a lifetime; it gave us a different view on one of Lebanon’s breath-taking tourists’ attraction natural sites. Many thought of this adventurous trip as an event that has let them step outside their comfort zone, challenge themselves, develop physical strength and improve their knowledge on nature. Others saw it as an opportunity to interact with other students from different schools. We think it was the perfect trip to teach us the valuable lesson to never give up, especially while encountering a difficult path. (Bouchra El-Zaatari & Rawan El Kojok, gr 10 IP) >>>MORE

Class of 2031 - Preschool

17 October 2016


First day at Elementary School - Elementary School

21 September 2016


First Day for KG1 Learners - Preschool

20 September 2016


حفل تخرج طلاب الدفعة الثامنة في القسم الثانوي - High School

26 July 2016



لمشاهدة فيلم التخرج على قناة الثانوية على يوتيوب


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