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Hand in Hand

Preschool- 16 January 2018



“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.” – Mahatma Gandhi.
Under the theme “Sharing the Planet”, KG3 learners were introduced to the term “conflict” and the reasons behind it. At the beginning, they listened to various stories about conflicts and their impact on relationships among people. The learners inquired about the causes of conflicts and people’s perspectives towards them. Gradually, they learned that conflicts may happen in their daily life, which could impact their relationships undesirably if not resolved. Bearing this in mind, they demonstrated responsibility to maintain peaceful relationships as they practiced different methods that could enable them to calm down and think about appropriate solutions. The learners were also responsible while taking into consideration the feelings of the people involved in a conflict, which has developed their concern about the feelings of others. Believing in the role of the parents in resolving their children’s conflicts, we invited them to the school to discuss various conflicts that their kids were introduced to at school earlier. The parents were thrilled with the techniques presented by their children at school, and some were surprised because they never knew about their kids’ conflicts. >>>MORE
Darine Yassine
KG3 Homeroom Teacher

الأفراد ودورهم في خدمة المجتمع

Preschool- 8 January 2018



يَعْتَبِر برنامج السنوات الإبتدائيّة الأهل شريكًا أساسيًّا في عمليّة التعلّم والتعليم، لذا تحرص المدرسة على إطلاعهم على سير هذه العمليّة وإشراكهم بها. إنطلاقاً من هنا، كانت دعوة الأهل للمشاركة في محور " كيف ننظّم أنفسنا" حيث عرّفوا المتعلّمين على أدوارهم في المجتمع كالمعلّمة والصيدلي ومصمّمة الأزياء، كما تحدّثوا معهم عن مساهمتهم في تقديم الخدمات للمجتمع الذي يعيشون فيه وعن مسؤوليتهم تجاهه. كلّ ذلك، ساعد المتعلّمون على طرح الأسئلة المتنوّعة التي أدّت إلى أبحاثٍ جديدةٍ عن هذه المهن وعن دورهم كأطفالٍ في مساعدة المجتمع المدرسي حيث يعيشون.

معلّمة اللّغة العربيّة لصفوف الروضة الثانية "وفاء زهرة"

IP Science Fair

High School - 3 January 2018



If I could describe the IB Science Fair in just one word it would be eye-opening. To be frank, I wasn’t expecting such work from students who are at the beginning of embarking on their research journey to be this perplexing, but each and every person that contributed to it did not only fascinate me, but opened my eyes to a whole new world of research. It all started when my class and I started pondering over a question that has always left us wondering, or a question we thought was beneficial enough to turn it into a research projects. At first, we were a bit lost, we though that these questions we had in mind weren't "worthy" of being a research project. For instance, I've always wondered why are people obsessed with whitening their teeth? How can we keep our teeth clean while still using products that do not damage them or contain toxic ingredients? These thoughts were always wandering in my mind, I collected them all turned it into one simple research question. >>>MORE

Mona Chehade – 10IP
Edited by Roweida Bawab

اجتماع بين التلميذ والمعلم وأولياء الأمور

Elementary School - 21 December 2017



Comment établir un contrat de travail avec les apprenants ?

Preschool - 20 December 2017



En moyenne section, la gestion du groupe occupe une place très importante, surtout que nos apprenants ont besoin d’une attention individuelle. Pour cela, nos apprenants sont invités à établir le contrat de leur classe pour qu’il soit un moyen d’organisation efficace aidant à avoir une ambiance paisible dans leur environnement.
Plusieurs discussions seront faites avec les apprenants afin qu’ils s’expriment et se mettent d’accord sur les points essentiels qui forment ce contrat. Les apprenants nous dictent leurs suggestions puis quand il est prêt, ils passent pour faire leur signature.
Cet accord permettra aussi à l’apprenant de développer des relations amicales avec ses camarades de classes pour jouer ensemble, partager les jeux, ne pas se frapper.
Pour avoir une classe calme et réussite il est important que les apprenants développent des relations saines entre eux basés sur des principes bien déterminés.

Moyenne section
Saadie Sleem /Sobhiyé Matbouli

What are provocations exactly?

Preschool - 18 December 2017



Provocations use a range of items that can be linked together by children or provide a jumping off point for where their imaginations can take them. (Durand, 2016). In our case, KG2 learners conducted a tour in the school community to visit the workplaces and to get introduced to the community helpers and the roles they performed, asking them about their roles. After they completed the tour, they drew out what they learned from the community helpers, some chose to draw the Secretary, some chose the Janitor, other chose the Helpers or the Librarian, Teachers and the list goes on. Upon reflection on this activity, they realized that there are many people that play different roles around the school community and that provoked their curiosity towards knowing what roles are found not only in the school but also in the entire other communities.

Nesrine El-Hariri - KG 2 Homeroom Teacher - Preschool Department

أغنية عيد الاستقلال

Elementary School - 16 December 2017


A Day with the Parents

Preschool - 16 December 2017



Who said 3-year-old learners can’t teach their parents? Under the transdisciplinary theme “How we organize ourselves”, KG1 learners explored their school community using their social and communication skills.
In the performance task, learners were risk-takers when they invited their parents to their classrooms. The purpose was to teach them the routines they used to apply during learning experiences in the different centers.
The most appealing thing about this day is the happiness that appeared on the parents’ faces when they remembered the confusion of their children on their 1st day of school. They also recognized the independent learners they became for they were ready to share their feelings and ideas confidently.

Najwan Sabaayoun
KG1 C - Homeroom Teacher
Preschool Department

To What Extent Can the Media Shape Public Perceptions and Emotions?

High School - 16 December 2017



Though the impact of mass media on public perceptions and emotions is widely recognized, a few people recognize the farfetched degree to which this occurs. In our daily lives, we are constantly bombarded with information provided by the media. This is done either directly, through television, radio, newspapers and the Internet, or indirectly, through friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, most of the time, the information presented to the public is neither credible nor impartial. Thus, our society, as a whole, has grown quite vulnerable to the media’s facts, blindly tending to believe one outlet’s version of events over another more credible outlet.
The first reading unit entitled “Language and Mass Media” has fundamentally changed the way in which we, 12IP students, perceive the effects of the media on public opinion. Throughout our learning journey, we were exposed to a variety of fruitful learning experiences, such as watching videos and news segments, reading and analyzing articles, examining images, responding to images and videos through presentations, participating in classroom discussions, writing reflections and essays, and designing newspaper tabloids. We critically analyzed how the media might blatantly distort critical facts and omit vital stories to manipulate the way people think and feel. >>>MORE
Grade 12 IP Learners

عيد الاستقلال

Middle School - 4 December 2017



تحت عنوان " الموطن مقصدنا المقاصد تجمعنا " احتفلت مدارس جمعية المقاصد الخيرية الاسلامية في صيدا بعيد الاستقلال على أرض ملعب صيدا البلدي للسنة الرابعة على التوالي و ذلك بمشاركة ٧٥٠ تلميذاً مقاصدياً و بإشراف معلمي قسم التربية البدنية والرياضة في مدارس المقاصد.
تخلل النشاط ألعاب رياضية مختلفة ، وساد جو من الحماس والتحدي والروح الرياضية حيث وظف المتعلمون قدراتهم البدنية معبرين عن محبتهم لوطنهم.
وقد تميز نشاط هذا العام بتشكيل مجموعات مؤلفة من المدارس الأربع لتعزيز روح المشاركة والتعاون.
وفي ختام النشاط تم توزيع ميداليات على جميع المشاركين .
كل استقلال ومقاصدنا بخير

قسم التربية البدنية والرياضة

رسولنا قدوتنا

Middle School - 4 December 2017



رسولنا قدوتنا،
قلوب أبدا لا تسعد إلا إذا منحت السعادة لمن حرمتهم الدنيا نعمتها.
وفي ذكرى مولد سيد البشرية، سيد العطاء، سيد الرحمة والمحبة والحنان رسولنا العظيم محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم، تعانقت قلوب وتشابكت أيدي طلاب ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري مع أطفال دار رعاية اليتيم فعمّت الفرحة الدار وفاحت رائحة المحبة والعطاء.

ولم تكتمل الفرحة عند الطلاب إلا بعد أن أكملوا المشوار وعانقوا الكبار فكانت لفتة كريمة منهم عندما زاروا أحياء صيدا القديمة وحاولوا بكلمات قليلة وعواطف نبيلة محو عذاب السنين وطول الانتظار.

قسم التربية الإسلامية في القسم المتوسط ومشرفة الطلاب إليان صهيوني



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