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مواعيد امتحانات الإكمال للمرحلتين المتوسـطة والثانوية - مواعيد التسجيل للعام الدراسي 2017-2018

صيـدا 11/7/2017

جانب ولـي الأمـر المحتـرم

يرجى أخذ العلم بمـا يلـي:

- امتحانات الإكمال للمرحلتين المتوسـطة والثانوية : يومي الثلاثـاء والأربعـاء في 29 و30 آب 2017.

- موعد التسـجيل للعـام الدراسي 2017 – 2018 أيـام الإثنين والثلاثاء والأربعاء في 28و29و30 آب 2017 من الساعة 9:00 صباحاً ولغايـة الساعة 1:00 ظهراً.

- يتم بيع الزي المدرسي خلال أيام التسجيل (لتلامذة قسم الروضات في مبنى الروضات ، لتلامذة القسم الابتدائي في قاعة مسرح القسم الابتدائي ، ولتلامذة قسمي المتوسط والثانوي في قاعة مبنى القسم المتوسط).



حفل تخرج القسم الابتدائي - Elementary School

10 ـJully 2017


حفل تخرج القسم الثانوي - High School

10 ـJully 2017


حفل تخرج قسم الروضات - Preschool

10 ـJully 2017


Student LED Conference  - Elementary School

14 June 2017


معرض "التعلم القائم على المشاريع"

School Activities - 6 June 2017


Mind Manipulation - High School

27 May 2017


Almost a year ago, my friend and I were able to manipulate the ideas of one of our friends. The purpose was to trigger his mind to select a number we wanted (number 55). All our efforts came to fruition.
How We Did It:
As soon as the teacher informed us about the idea, we put our plan into action. We tried to program his subconscious by letting him see the number 55 all over the week in all the school setting (up the stairs, in the classroom, on social media, etc...). We even let him hear the same number in every occasion.
What Happened To Him:
It was there in his subconscious. He really didn’t see or hear the number 55, but the way we tried to manipulate his thinking caused his brain to visualize the number we wanted through the different techniques we used.
Connection To Our Project:
We followed the same procedure and techniques but this time on a larger group of school students. Our mission this time was to convince 600 school students at HHHS that sports activities are harmful. We conducted an experiment in which we administered a questionnaire before and after our intervention. The questionnaire required students to answer questions about the most academic discipline they find effective.

By Hafez Saleh (Bacc S)

HHHS Writing Center Opening Ceremony  

High School

23 May 2017




فعاليات البطولة المقاصدية الثالثة للمناظرات  - High School

22 May 2017



Grade 8 HHHS MUN Conference  - Middle School

22 May 2017



مقاصدي يبدع  - School Activities

11 May 2017





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