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ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري

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Class of 2031 - Preschool

17 October 2016


First day at Elementary School - Elementary School

21 September 2016


First Day for KG1 Learners - Preschool

20 September 2016


حفل تخرج طلاب الدفعة الثامنة في القسم الثانوي - High School

26 July 2016



لمشاهدة فيلم التخرج على قناة الثانوية على يوتيوب


الموقع الخاص بنادي الخريجين

ماراتون مقاصدي يركض 2016

The Lebanese Civil War ( 1975-1990): A Learning Experience - High School

2 July 2016


“History is useful for the thrill of knowing the past, and for the narrative (indeed), provided it remains a harmless narrative,” Nassim Nicholas Taleb says in his book The Black Swan. The history is definitely a story and it can remain a harmless one if tackled from different perspectives. This way you may guarantee a very peaceful way of handling the most sensitive historical events. In Grade 10, the students tackled an event that many Lebanese consider a ground you should not tread. The Lebanese Civil War. Why? It is because they think it is a sensitive and a harmful issue to discuss where Lebanese won’t reach a common ground about its causes and effects. However Grade 10 teachers worked on designing an interdisciplinary unit that revolved around an essential question: How can people resolve their conflicts peacefully? The unit tackled the reasons and the consequences of the Lebanese Civil war (1975 -1990) from different perspectives where the students had to reach a resolution on a personal and local.
The students started their historical knowledge journey by anatomizing objectively the accumulation of the global, regional and national factors which lead to the trigger of this infamous war. They tackled global conflicts drawing connections with the Lebanese civil war. They came to realize that this national conflict is very similar to other conflicts that happened and are still happening globally and regionally.>>>MORE

Grade 10 Teachers


متعلمو الصّف الخامس عبّروا بطريقتهم الخاصّة عن فرحتهم بالنجاح

The PYP Exhibition - Elementary School

28 June 2016


The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition represents a significant event in the life of our School and students, synthesizing the essential elements of the PYP and sharing them with the whole school community.

In the past two weeks, grade five learners have been extremely busy engaging in hands-on work of creating the different components of their presentations and exhibits. It was all about constructing, creating, collaborating and communicating as they worked in inquiry groups to share their exhibition journey with the school community. Students used the learning spaces in the school to stage the processes and products of their learning. It was an amazing opportunity to see them shine with confidence and creativity as they culminated a six-week journey of success, challenge, inquiry and reflection on the issues they identified and investigated under the transdisciplinary theme “Sharing the Planet”.

Tharwat Baassiri
Grade 5 Homeroom teacher

رمضان عابواب الدار  - اغنية من تأليف وغناء طلاب ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري


IXémes Rencontre Chorales de La Chanson Francophone 2015 2016 - HHHS Chorale


Fundraising event: Outdoor Movie Night

High School - 16 June 2016



What is more emotionally rewarding than acting generously towards your community while having fun at the same time? On June 4, 2016, the HHHSMUN team applied this formula by organizing a fundraising event, an Outdoor Movie Night in the campus of Houssam Eddine Hariri High School. The event was about watching the movie, The Giver, during which there was also selling of snacks that the HHHSMUN team worked on preparing themselves.
This event came as a kind of contribution to support the HHHSMUN Program which works on organizing an annual MUN conference and its extended activities such as hands on activities which the team is planning to add to next year agenda.
Such a decision of holding this philanthropic event is a result of the team’s realization that it is essential to enrich and enhance the MUN experience to reach other social life aspects. The MUN is not just a conference or debate sessions about global issues. It is not just about awards and prizes.The MUN is about translating the United Nations vision which involves offering a helping hand to our surrounding and to be active members within our local and eventually our global community.
At the end of the day, the team felt the joy of contribution on many levels. They succeeded in holding an event which is rare for schools to hold due to its demanding preparations. They also acted as generous individuals who offered fun and support to the school community, an act which will resonate in other local contributions.
Hiba Chamandi and Nagham Abou Ali
MUN and MAL advisors



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