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عطلة عيد الفطر المبارك                   مواعيد نهاية العام الدراسي 2017-2018

The Taif Agreement: A Resolution for a Conflict?

High School - 13 June 2018


Conflicts and wars have always been part of the human history. They erupt for many reasons, yet eventually they come to an end with suggested resolutions that hold such conflicts in check; however, sometimes these resolutions may not be considered the best solutions to resolve such crises. Bearing this in mind, Grade 10 students tackled the concepts of ‘conflicts’ and ‘resolutions’ in an attempt to answer the unit question: To what extent may resolutions end conflicts? They deliberated this question on three different dimensions: Global, Regional and Local. Those three dimensions helped learners enrich their knowledge with different types of reasons that could lead to conflicts and with different ways of cease-fire.

On the local level dimension, Grade 10 students delved into tackling the Lebanese civil war (1975-1989), exploring its causes and effects in their history and Social Studies classes. Moreover, in the literature classes, the learners read and commented on the first 28 nightmares from Ghada Samman’s novel, Beirut Nightmares, >>>MORE

Hiba Chamandi, Nagham Abou Ali and Amira Hariri ~Grade 10 Teachers

صيف غير شكل

School Activities

 رمضان شهر الإيمان (Grade 4 -A)

Elementary School - 12 June 2018

 رمضان جايي (Grade 4 -B)

Elementary School - 12 June 2018

رمضان ناطرينك على نار (Grade 4 -C)

Elementary School - 12 June 2018


بطولة المناظرات المقاصدية الرابعة

High School - 11 June 2018

قوة الشخصية، الشجاعة، الثقة بالنفس، القدرة على التركيز على أكثر من عمل في الوقت ذاته؛ كل ذلك يمكن للمتعلّم أن يكتسبه إذا كان متناظراً.
إن المناظرات ليست نشاطاً مدرسياً يقوم به المتعلّمون الراغبون من الصّفين العاشر والحادي عشر الأساسي فحسب، بل هي ورشة عمل متكاملة يكتسب فيها المتعلم العديد من الصفات والمهارات. الصفات المذكورة أعلاه، إكتسبها كل فرد شارك في مثل هذا النشاط، إضافة إلى العديد من المهارات كمهارة البحث عن المعلومات والدلائل والدراسات التي تثبت صحة الأقوال التي يذكرها المتناظر.
في بداية الطريق، كنا متحمسين للتجربة، وخاصةً بعد النشاطات التي جذبتنا كثيرًا إلى العمل خلال فترة التدريب، ولكن ثمّةَ معلومة شغلت جميع العقول: وهي أن الخطاب يجب أن تكون مدته خمس دقائق! صُدمنا.. أليس كذلك؟ لماذا؟ ببساطة لأننا أثناء التجربة الأولى خلال التدريب لم يستطع أحد أن يتجاوز الدقيقتين. ولكن بعد النظر إلى تفاصيل كل خطاب، وإلى نصائح المدربين لناحية طريقة الإلقاء، لم تعد الدقائق الخمس تكفينا. >>>MORE
راجي سعيد – أستاذ اللغة العربية في القسم الثانوي

Students-Led Conference

Elementary School - 9 June 2018

Grade 8 Fifth Annual MUN Conference on Human Rights and Immigration Issues

Middle School - 7 June 2018


For the fifth year in a row, the English Department proudly continues to design a performance task whereby grade 8 students take roles of diplomats in the United Nations, striving to find resolutions to certain critical issues such as immigration and the refugees. As a significant part of their English Language and Social Studies syllabi and a culmination of the acquired learning outcomes of this grade level, eighth graders have had to undergo the inquiry cycle starting from inquiring about their task, investigating the designate country through collecting data about its various political, geographical, historical and social aspects, discussing the position of the country toward the issue of immigration and suggesting resolutions to these issues. Students have been trained by four Grade 11 dedicated chairpersons who not only advised students on how to write and deliver speeches, be involved in debates, form blocs and allies, and find resolutions, but also run the two-day conference held on Saturday- Sunday, May 12-13, 2018. >>>MORE
Nimat Dandashly_ English Language Teacher and Coordinator/ Writing Center Director/ IBDP Language and Literature Instructor

A Noteworthy Visit to BAU Science Labs to Enhance Students’ Experiential Knowledge

High school - 6 June 2018

As educators at HHHS, we strongly believe that hands-on experiments in Chemistry are considered a significant element of our pedagogical approaches as they profoundly enhance the teaching learning process. Upon conducting laboratory experiments, students will be able to develop critical and creative thinking that would help them transfer and connect what they learn in class to real-life situations.
Our mission extends even beyond the aforementioned goals. Even though the school has well-equipped labs and professional instructors, we usually aspire to collaborate with other educational institutions in order to help students realize the significance of conducting experiments both at secondary and tertiary levels.
Accordingly, during this academic year, our grade 11 and 12 scientific sections visited science laboratories at BAU, whereby they got the opportunity to carry on hands-on experiences related to organic chemistry. These experiences were mentored by BAU lab instructors and were highly rewarding to our students. After the visit, students expressed their gratitude and appreciation to their school administration for equipping the school lab with advanced facilities that enable them to be critical and creative thinkers.

Finally, Special thanks go to the Chemistry department at BAU for demonstrating high spirit of collaboration, communication, organization and scientific skills.

Samar Yaman and Sarwa Akkad - High School Chemistry Teachers

An Insight on the Collaboration between AMALOUNA and HHHS

Middle School - 6 June 2018

For the past 2 years, HHHS has been actively cooperating with an educational organization, AMALOUNA, which is located at the American University of Beirut (AUB). AMALOUNA has a mission to spread awareness about cancer, promote and support cancer research, as well as educate the Lebanese community about cancer prevention. In their quest, AMALOUNA sprinkles a dash of fun every now and then. It started this year with running for health at the International Beirut Marathon. Students from High and Middle schools ran the 5KM race and experienced all the fun activities throughout the marathon. On another occasion, AMALOUNA was hosting a fund-raising “AVENGERS INFINITY WAR” movie premier on the 26th of April in Dunes Center. All marvel fans at our school booked their tickets and indulged in a 3-hour movie of pure suspense and thrill. Our collaboration with this NGO extends to one of a kind program called the Students as Researchers Initiative (SRI), a program initiated by AMALOUNA at the Faculty of Medicine, AUB and held in collaboration with the Princeton Review. >>>MORE

Ghada Shamandi - Biology Teacher at Middle School

Cut Down on the Intake of Acidic Drinks to Keep Your Bone Structure Healthy

High school - 6 June 2018

Cut Down on the Intake of Acidic Drinks to Keep Your Bone Structure Healthy
The human lifestyle has changed and evolved more rapidly than anyone can imagine. This evolution is not always positive, for some daily habits have negatively affected the health of any individual. From being quite reliant on natural constituents to veering towards chemically designed foods, the long-term impact can be drastic. Upon conducting numerous scientific and academic researches, scientists have identified a relation between osteoporosis and phosphoric acid that is a metallic acid commonly found in acidic drinks.

As students, we formulated a problem linking the role of acidic drinks such as Pepsi and Coca Cola with the appearance of osteoporosis. Our hypothesis was as follows: Phosphoric acid and calcium are usually absorbed by our body in certain amounts, so when the excess Phosphoric acid is removed from our body it can strip away a lot of human calcium reserve with it. We carried out a titration reaction to determine the concentration of phosphoric acid in Pepsi. The results showed that [H3PO4] = 0.0326 mol/L. Phosphoric acid reacts with calcium hydroxide through the following reaction: 3Ca (OH)2 + 2H3PO4→Ca3(PO4)2 + 6H2O. We learned that: When the amount of Pepsi or Cola increases in the human system, the excess Phosphoric acid will strip away a lot of our calcium reserve during its removal from our body. During the given reaction of phosphorous acid found in 330ml of Pepsi or Cola, the titration reaction proved that 0.624g of calcium could be stripped away from our calcium reserve.
As humans, we divert our diets towards products that satisfy our taste buds, without studying their impacts. The result of our experiment, as consumers of acidic drinks, directly linked the long-term effects of what seems to be a harmless drink on our health. Hence, to keep the bones structure intact and healthy, a person should try to cut down on the intake of acidic drinks such as Pepsi and Cola as much as possible.

Written By: Tatiana Fakih and Nadine Kawash - Grade 12 LS

جائزة الأكاديمية العربية

Middle School - 28 May 2018

 برعاية وزارة الثقافة، وتحت عنوان "ثقافة الحوار في وجه الإرهاب" أطلقت جمعيّة " جائزة الأكاديميّة العربيّة " الموسم الثالث في مباريات جائزة الأكاديميّة العربية للعام 2018 حيث شارك فيها أكثر من خمسين مدرسة خاصّة ورسميّة.
في إطار التباري، شاركت ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري في المباريات ممثّلة بثلاث طالبات ، فتأهلّن جميعًا إلى النهائيات: سيلين فرحات من الصف السادس الأساسي عن فئة "قراءة أكاديمي" ، روان صالح من الصف العاشرعن فئة " التواصل الكتابي"، ولبنى حسون من الصف الحادي عشر عن فئة "إبداع أكاديمي"
أقيم حفل تكريم للمتأهلين إلى النهائيات في المسرح البلدي لبلدية جديدة المتن وذلك برعاية وزير الثقافة ،وقد تمّ خلاله تسليمهم شهادات التميّز والتقدير .


High school - 28 May 2018

In the era of rising academic standards, HHHS is committed to investing in new standardized tests that bring added value to students by helping them overcome stress, reduce anxiety and disappointment, and improving their academic outcomes. In addition to that, we continuously aim to help students score high enough to qualify them for acceptance and even scholarships to universities of their choice.
Test anxiety and fear of the unknown can have a negative impact on students taking the SAT for the first time. We have noticed that juniors and seniors on their first SAT trial will have undeniable anxiety no matter how vigorously they will deny it. This anxiety can be reduced if a student goes in knowing what to expect.
In order to have an understanding of the entire situation they are entering, this year 10th graders got the opportunity to experience the PSAT, an exam that simulates the format, time constraints, and the atmosphere that students can expect to face during their actual SAT. After taking the PSAT on April 18, students become accustomed to the silence, the shuffling of papers, and the proctor speaking in a clipped tone, informing them that their time is up for a certain section. They are pleased for this early opportunity that helps them identify potential strength and weaknesses. We truly believe that PSAT takers will have, at the very least, a psychological advantage over their peers as well as the experience of sitting for a lengthy and rigorous standardized test. They will be much more prepared, relaxed, and confident when taking their SAT.>>>MORE

Nadine Zeidan - High School  University Counselor

5th LAU – Arts and Science Fair 2018

High school - 28 May 2018

“Winning is important to me, but what brings me real joy is the experience of being fully engaged in whatever I’m doing.” Phil Jackson
At HHHS, we believe that extracurricular activities are integral part of the school setting that serve as a tool to explore and develop students’ talents. For the fifth year in a row, potential learners from grades 10 and 11 have participated in the 5th LAU Arts and Science Fair that was held on the 27th April on Beirut campus. These arts and sciences competitions provide students with opportunities to explore new areas of interest, build skills, assume leadership roles, and establish meaningful connections with others. Their participation promotes the development of our core values such as responsibility, honesty, perseverance and team building.
During this fair, students were very busy preparing for the competitions where they communicated and developed their ideas and skills. They were also thrilled to have the chance to present their ideas in research and culture, motivated to perform, excel, and offer a lot more reward than just winning. In the end, students have learnt to discipline their minds to focus only on the moment and enjoy the process.
It is that with great pleasure, we celebrate our achievements. For the Arts competitions, “Tanya Shehab” – Grade 10 IP - won the second place in “Express yourself” after demonstrating exceptional courage, knowledge, and passion while acting on behalf of the school. As for the Science competitions, “Maya Lutfi” and “Hussein Tann” – 11th graders- won the third place in general chemistry where they demonstrated very good understanding on the entire subject. Congratulations winners!
We highly encourage all students to enthusiastically participate in extracurricular activities. They are a great way to foster creativity, show their individuality and demonstrate key qualities that college admissions boards want to see and eventually to gain substantial unforgettable experience.

Nadine Zeidan - High School  University Counselor



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